Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Start again.

Have been bored with the whole blogging scene. I used to look at the forums on the Herald and Scotsman regularly but have found them to be a waste of energy and a very negative influence as they seem to be full of bitter negative people raging at the world.

It seems that we are going to hell in a hand cart. Watching revelation after revelation from the banks and the telephone numbers that oor Gordy seems to keep finding to throw into the furnace of greed and corruption. The road to hell will be paved it seems with printed money as the pound plumbs new depths.

It seems that the MPs are totally oblivious to how they are now reviled by all and sundry, when we read this: "Details of MPs’ claims for plasma televisions, furniture and cleaning bills will be kept secret after Harriet Harman bowed to backbenchers’ pressure to stop expenses claims being publishe"

Maybe apathy is taking hold of me. But then perhaps not or I would not be starting this blog again. I have e-mailed my MP to express my disgust.

However if I find myself becoming as rancid and odious as this I will certainly give up. You have to wonder what kind of person he is to catalogue these comments and spend his whole life blogging and making sneering bile ridden comments on the Scotsman forum. We now see him in his various guises as English flag/ Happy English/ The Master/ Rufus-T-Fuckwit/ The Leith Cowboy/ Tricked into voting SNP/ Grahamski/ sm753 and to many others to mention.

My thought is that he is an English national front agitator that has been slipped into the Scotsmans team to try and drum up interest in it's failing paper which is run by mainly English staff. Some of the stuff from Maddox and McConnel is just pure propaganda.

Whatever he controls and censors the forum at will and deletes anyone who gets the better of him. What a fucked up way to live.

Great to see the Obama team in the Whitehouse, who would have thought it? As he said the earth has cetainly moved beneath our feet, not just in America but in Scotland where the SNP go from strength to strength as Alex Salmonds team get stronger by the day and leave the finacially and morally bankrupt ideals of the Union in the dust of history.

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