Saturday, 30 January 2010

Afghanistan good news.

Good news from Afghanistan: democracy is taking root

I am going to try and focus on good positive news, for my own satisfaction if nothing else.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Renfrew Ferry

Further to my previous post on the ferry, here are some reactions to this:

Political co-operation will be needed to save the essential Renfrew Ferry service

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) is a board composed of the west of Scotland councils, including Renfrewshire. The 29-member board has 20 elected councillors on it, 12 of whom are Labour, including the chair and two vice-chairs. If that board decides to scrap the Renfrew/Yoker Ferry, it will be at hands of the majority Labour membership (“Renfrew Ferry could be sunk by budget cuts”, The Herald, January 14).

For the forthcoming financial year, SPT is proposing a freeze to council grant requisitions. Therefore, there will be no change in the grant from councils. That could change if the board so wishes. Renfrewshire pays its way to subsidise regional transport and would expect its essential ferry service at Renfrew to continue. I am appalled at the handing of this by a body of which our council is supposed to be a constituent part.

SPT has picked the wrong target in proposing to scrap the Renfrew Ferry: it is not a luxury, it is an essential service.

The SPT is chaired by a Glasgow Labour councillor, Alastair Watson, and is dominated by Labour members. The decision to save the ferry is with Labour, and I hope its members listen. They have the flexibility to save it if they so choose.

We will be working hard to support the ferry service. We will also make clear the voting record from the SPT decision meeting on January 22 – then people will see who is responsible for putting this centuries-old service in danger.

Derek Mackay,

SNP Leader, Renfrewshire Council,

Renfrewshire House, Cotton Street, Paisley.

I am appalled the Labour-led Strathclyde Partnership for Transport is considering axing the Renfrew Ferry (Evening Times, January 13).

Only last year it was agreed that an alternative option of a bridge at this site was unaffordable and SPT said it planned to bring in a new ferry to service this route. So what has happened since then?

Councillor Alistair Watson, SPT chairman, has been vociferous in his attacks on the SNP government for cancelling the Glasgow Airport Rail Link and, in a moment of political spite has decided to attack SNP-controlled Renfrewshire Council by removing the Renfrew Ferry service.

SPT is dominated by Labour councillors and this decision will be seen as Labour attacking a vital public service.

As for the comments by MPs Jim Murphy and Jim Sheridan, instead of trying to blame someone else for this decision, why don’t they hold up their hands and admit that if there is a funding problem it is entirely due to the economic incompetence of the UK Labour government.

Mags MacLaren, Paisley

Is anyone prepared to believe that this veiled threat is just another anti SNP ruse by Murphy and the New Labour Unionist Party cabal in Glasgow to try and undermine the SNP? I am.

Scotland and her people are the very last thing this new Labour gang think of. All that matters to them is there dogmatic view of Scotland that creates deprivation in some parts of Glasgow worse than some East European countries. Stalin would be proud of them.

I worked on the river about 9 years ago and every year the threat hung over the ferry. The staff them selves have put forward ways to increase the use of this ferry, but they were caught up in the same political bawbaggery that The Pride of the Clyde was. Glasgow do not want to do anything that gives service to Renfrew as they are sore at losing the battle to have the Braehead shopping centre included within the Glasgow boundary. With some justification as the City boundary cuts through Braehead.

The scheme that the staff put forward included running a triangular route which would go from Yoker to Braehead, to Renfrew, in rotation. During busy times that would maybe require both boats, and would need upgrading work done at Braehead and refitted boats. Research done by staff amongst passengers found that everyone was in favour as for one thing you could then go from Clydebank to Braehead in 20 minutes instead of the journey of over an hour if you use public transport at the moment. So more revenue for the ferry, and more jobs on the river. OK, SPT subsidise the ferry, they also subsidise bus and train routes.

Glasgow's cooncilors will be more concerned with their subsidised canteen and tea trolly.

It was similar to a scheme that staff were being asked for on The Pride of The Clyde, with commuters asking to be transported from Braehead into the City and back five days a week, Co-operation was not forth coming from Glasgow and the owner was so sickened he sold the boat to Loch Katrine.

So now we have no Waterbus on the river and possibly no Renfrew Ferry, for no other reason than to satisfy the ego's of bloody minded self serving pygmy politicians. Most cities would welcome such a river as The Clyde flowing into the centre of the city but no, not Glasgow's pygmies.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Renfrew Ferry.

Jim Murphy along with the rest of the New Labour shop stewards has to be one of the most negative sneering politicians ever to be seen in Scotland. His title Seceretary of State for Scotland, is like his office a joke. He works against Scotland. All he can do now is sniff around looking for any negative spin he can put on stories. He could not care less about Glasgow or the Renfrew Ferry. He just cannot see what an arse he is.

Bid launched to save ferry

Vivienne Nicol

Published on 14 Jan 2010

A campaign has been launched to save the historic Renfrew Ferry from being scrapped in a bid to save cash.

Yesterday the Evening Times revealed Strath­clyde Partnership for Transport is considering shutting down the service in a move which would save £430,000 a year.

Within hours of our story appearing, the proposal had been raised at Scottish Questions in Westminister by Jim Sheridan, Labour MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North.

He called on Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy to bring up the issue with the Holyrood Government.

Jim Murphy responded by accusing the SNP of abandoning another west of Scotland transport project. Labour are already furious with the SNP over the cancellation of the Glasgow Airport rail link.

Mr Murphy said: “As with the Glasgow Airport Rail Link they just don’t care.”

Mr Sheridan said he and fellow Labour MP John Robertson, who represents Glasgow North West, are worried about the impact on jobs if the ferry goes. He added: “A lot of my constituents use the ferry to get to their jobs and to go across the river to the BAE Systems shipyard.

“John Robertson and myself will try and speak to SPT spelling out the consequences if this ferry is taken off.”

The SNP responded to the criticism by accusing Labour of hypocrisy. Glasgow MSP Bill Kidd said: “There can be no doubt the fate of the Renfrew Ferry lies in Labour’s hands.”

A spokeswoman for the transport authority, which owns and operates the ferry, said no decision has been made on the future of the service.

Haiti and God.

Listening to R4 this morning I was taken aback at the Archbishop of Canterbury when he was asked why this God we all kill ourselves over (my words) was allowing such tragedy as we are now seeing in Haiti. He seemed to be saying that “God also cries.” Don’t they a;ways have an answer that absolves this God. I am not a church going person, although when I was in secondary school, which was a boarding school, I was marched to church every Sunday. I had a granny who thought nothing of putting the fear of God into us. Then when she dies we discovered that she had a past, which broke one of the Ten Commandments.

I was brought up in a God fearing community and so in times of serious trouble in my own life, I suppose it was natural that I prayed to God to deliver me from evil. However it is at times such as these when we see possibly 500,000 people dead in Haiti from an earthquake that I question this God who we all kill each other over and say to him. “ OK you are the big man that created all of this, why then do you stand back and watch your people suffer so much, you have the power of creation yet you cannot stop this from happening, why should I believe in you?” It takes a very special strength of faith to believe that a God if he exists would watch this and just cry.

These people who had nothing, lived on nothing and knew nothing but hardship all their lives, babies, woman, young people old and sick trapped and dying a horrible death. And the world stands back and watches. We who worry about replacing power lines through a Glen, politicians who play weasel games with semantics just to score a cheap political point, to make them feel better. Bankers who sit calculating how to get another million into their pockets. Moaning about the lack of snow ploughs and having to walk to the shops.. And then we see Haiti and it all looks so shallow and selfish and utterly pointless. God if you are there please help them. Help us to help them.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Just get on with it.

It can be done. It takes a forces man to show the way but it can be done.

Cancelled Bonspeils, don't clear your pavements. Councils and officials have now lost the fekin plot altogether. It really is time these people got of their arses away from the security blanket of their computers and did some real work, thank God there are still people like Wing Commander Paddy O'Kennedy who led by example and showed these marxist po faced clip board waving bastards how it is done.

Thursday, 7 January 2010


Darwinism and natural selection!

Is it me or has the human race become so corrupted by modern living that they cannot even use the most basic survival skills?

I am sick and bloody tired listening to spineless morons whining on about snow and ice. "The pavement outside my door has not been cleared for 3 weeks," they bleat like orphaned lambs. Well pick up a bloody shovel and do some thing, it might run some of the fat of your arse.

When I lived in Germany, winters like these are common place and they just get on with it. Studded tyres, chains, snow plows and blowers have chains on, adequate stocks of grit are stored in summer. And each owner of a property is responsible for the paved area adjacent to that property, for cleanliness and snow clearing and gritting. Fines are imposed for those who constantly fail to attend to their responsibilities. OAPs and the incapacitated are given assitance from local authorities.

People know instinctively that snow and ice are slippery and behave accordingly like driving with due care and attention. Not spinning your wheels and revving the arse out of the engine. Roads that are prone to heavy drifiting have signs banning vehicles with no chains.

They just get on with it. Yes airports are closed and trains delayed and accidents happen on the motorways, but i have never seen the bleating and pathetic moaning that I have seen on the TV these past few weeks. Bloody spineless whimps. Get of your arses and do something about it, help your neighbours have a street cleaning party with a barbecue to finish of. Make sure your local OAPs are OK.


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