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Pacific Quay mob linked to disappearance of £1.3 billion

Mystery surrounds the whereabouts of a huge sum of money after it suddenly vanished into thin air.

The sum, thought to be in the region of £1.3 billion, was highlighted by the Scottish government’s finance secretary John Swinney on the afternoon of Wed 23rd June. However by six o’clock that evening there was virtually no trace of the money and instead a loan of £180,000 had appeared in its place.

Concerned members of the public have reacted with fury with some alleging that the notorious Glasgow outfit ‘The Pacific Quay Mob’, headed by godfather Brian ‘Toodle-oo’ Taylor, are behind the money’s disappearance. The organisation is thought to be heavily involved in ‘organised news’ in and around Scotland .......

Well, last Wednesday the annual Government Expenditure for Scotland Report (GERS) revealed that for the fourth successive year Scotland ran a budgetary surplus, or to put it into simple terms Scotland generated more money than she spent - £1.3 billion more to be precise.

This meant that a Scotland with full control over its own finances would have had £1.3 billion MORE to spend this year than it has. Indeed, if we go back four years then the nation would have had a tidy £3.5 billion more.

And here’s the rub, the £1.3 billion INCLUDES Scotland’s share of the cash cost of bailing out the banks - Northern Rock, HBOS and RBS.

Well, this staggering news was virtually ignored by BBC Scotland in its main news bulletins that day and beyond. The state broadcaster decided that the biggest political story that day was an eleventh hour loan of £180,000 made last year to the company organising ‘The Gathering’ which was the centrepiece event of ‘The Homecoming’ celebrations.

The news of the surplus is staggering for two reasons:
The first of course is that for the last few weeks the political landscape has been dominated by the huge debt left behind by Labour. Scotland faces unprecedented cuts to her block grant from London and there are very real concerns over the impact to public services and jobs.

The second is that for as long as anyone can remember, the main thrust of Labour’s attacks on the SNP and/or independence is that Scotland could not support herself, that we rely on subsidies from Westminster in order to survive.

The revelation that Scotland has been consistently generating more money than she spent was therefore very significant.

So, how did the BBC actually report the news that day?

Newsnet Scotland decided to have a look and we began with BBC Scotland’s main radio programme ‘Newsdrive’. The programme is broadcast weekdays between 4 o’clock and 6 o’clock in the afternoon and will be the first port of call for many Scots travelling home from work.

Incredibly the Newsnet Scotland team were unable to find any reference whatsoever to the £1.3 Scottish surplus within the two hour period . However there was extensive coverage of the £180,000 ‘Gathering’ loan within minutes of the programme starting.

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ENGLAND'S legendary World Cup winning hat-trick hero Sir Geoff Hurst sensationally admitted yesterday that the Russian linesman got it wrong by allowing his controversial goal in the 1966 Final to stand.

The second of Hurst's three goals in the Three Lions' famous 4-2 win over West Germany at Wembley sparked one of football's hottest disputes after his extra-time shot bounced down off the underside of the crossbar.

The video clip on here is utterly hilarious just watch the antics and facial expression of Mark Jones at 3 minutes in to this. What a hoot. Maybe this will shut the English MSM up about 66 and The Hand of God in 86.

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Scotlands finances.

Just picked up this excellent post from the Scotsman forum:

Plank @ 2, chew on this.

"London is one of the world's great cities"

Kind of not surprising given the level of investment
channelled into the British Capital
and the rest of the South East,
including the portion which
is spun as a Scottish "investment" :

. £30 billion subway upgrade program
see -
. £5.9 billion on one London railway station
see -
. £16 billion For another London rail line
see -
. £1 billion to upgrade an existing railway station
see -
. three quarters of a billion on a Dome !
see -
. Followed of course by yet another
London regeneration project £5 billion
. £6 billion Channel Tunnel Rail Link
see -
. £2.5 billion -Roads just around the
Docklands in London
see -
. £3.2 billion For Another Tube line
see -
. £1 billion improvement to an existing Light Rail Line
see -
. £20 billion for a Second Thames flood barrier planned
see -
. A £4 billion greenhouse tower over
Batersea power station
. £9.3 billion for the Channel Tunnel -
. £4.3 billion for a 5th Heathrow Terminal
see -
. £5 billion Upgrade other London airport upgrades
see -
. £10 billion Plans for Heathrow link to Channel tunnel
see -
. £13 billion for a third runway Heathrow runway
see -
. £9 billion for Brown's plans to transform Thames Gateway
see -
. £18 billion London Olympics (
including £200 + million stolen from
the Scottish Lottery)
see -

The London Olympics is just another example
of Scotland building up the infrastructure
of the South East and British Capital, and of
course we are told the breadcrumbs we will get
will be sufficient for us. 2% of the contracts
Scottish companies are currently getting
is hardly even a breadcrumb -
see -

So just what benefit is Scotland going to get from
the London Olympics.
From the official Economic Impact analysis
of the London Olympics (see )
we have :

"The implication of this is that for the rest of the UK (excluding London), London 2012 will have a negative
impact on GDP of c.£4 billion caused by the displacement of resources and activities towards London."

"A change in the number of businesses created is also
forecast and implies a considerable negative impact to
the rest of the UK (excluding London) resulting
from business closure or displacement towards the
London economy."

"Again this implies a huge negative effect on jobs in the rest of the UK (excluding London)"

And this report was before the massive and obscene
cost over runs from the original estimate of
£4 billion to now at least £14 billion see -

Additionally £200+ million has been taken from the Scottish lottery. see -

On top of all that the "positive" impact we
are told the games will means that it counts towards
Scotlands expenditure in the latest GER Report and
will do so in subsequent GERS reports !! As of
course do our involuntary contributions to Trident,
The Iraq War, etc.
see -

Scotland is just being treated with absolute disdain and likely the most we will get out of this that our begging for breadcrumbs from the masters table might, just might mean we recover a small portion of our "investment". Scotland needs to be rid of these British parasites as quickly as possible.

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Cumbria shootings.

We are informed by all and sundry that we have the toughest firearms legislation in the world.

I have to question that.

Why was a taxi driver allowed to hold a licence for a shotgun and .22 rifle. His trade or profession has no need of such weapons so why?

Why are these licences not renewed annually like these other lethal machines, automobiles, car tax, MOT and insurance has to be renewed every year?

These renewals should be accompanied by medical evidence to say that the holder is a sane and fit person to hold these licences. If the person has shown unstable behaviour or serious drink or drug problems they should not be licensed.

People who want to hold a firearms licence should be prepared to be MOTd every year and pay the cost of that MOT.

They should also be required to hold publlic liability insurance.

They should also be required to have their DNA and fingerprints held, for as long as they have a licence for weapons.

These weapons should be serial numbered with a profile help on record.

Why are people with criminal records allowed to hold licences?

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No apologies for lifting this from Newsnet it should be widely distributed by all such is the importance of this scandal to Scotland. The MSM in Scotland are akin to Pravda.

The 'x' file - the truth is out there

Tomorrow will see another instalment of First Ministers Questions, the weekly interrogation of the First Minister carried out on our behalf by opposition party leaders and sundry backbenchers.

Most of us are familiar with the drill. Iain Gray gets to ask four questions with Annabelle Goldie and Tavish Scott getting two apiece – then the floor is opened up to the chorus line, so to speak.

It's a mixture of questions and speeches with claim and counter claim jousting with figures and statistics as the protagonists seek to ensure that their point makes the headlines that evening and beyond.

Last week it was the rhetoric and claims of Labour leader Iain Gray that brought the immediate plaudits. Putting the First Minister on the spot with the revelation that a government agency – Skills Development Scotland – was planning to spend £555,000 changing its name to 'Scotland – the Works'.

Taunting and mocking Alex Salmond, usually a master of his brief, Iain Gray lapped up the rare moment of success. It wasn't the most earth shattering revelation and it wouldn't cause much by way of political harm, but the timing of such a plan, given the dire state of the UK economy, was embarrassing for the First Minister.

Immediately after the session BBC Scotland's political editor Brian Taylor was clear in his appraisal; according to Mr Taylor Iain Gray had performed well; “That was a good one wasn't it, that was a good one?” he said of Gray's line of attack.

It was all set to be a prominent story on that evening's news and the following days newspapers until something unexpected happened. Within hours, the agency at the centre of the allegations had issued a statement stating that the claims were untrue, that the name change proposal had been ditched two months earlier.

By then though the story was off and running, had been mentioned on some bulletins and featured prominently on Brian Taylor's own blog. Mr Taylor hastily added updates to the blog, the first made mention of the denial statement whilst the second and final update gave the distinct impression that the Labour claims were true – they had published a document as proof, said the BBC Scotland political editor.

That was it from Mr Taylor's blog, there has been no mention of the subsequent statements issued by Skills Development Scotland explaining that the aforementioned document was prepared on the 27th April for a senior management meeting at which the earlier 30th March decision, not to go ahead with any name change, was underlined.

For those who may have missed the claims made by the Labour leader in the Holyrood chamber we have prepared a short video containing the actual footage, his claims are followed at the end by an abridged version of the post session analysis that deals specifically with those allegations.

As you can see, Iain Gray's allegations were very clear - £555,000 on a name change and a further £1.6 million marketing it. But was the agency at that moment really planning to change it's name from Skills Development Scotland to 'Scotland – The Works'?

Taking the agency statements at face value then the answer is no, it was a proposal that had long since been ditched. Certainly by the time Iain Gray stood up in the chamber the proposal was no longer live. Scottish Labour of course say they have a document that proves their leader's claim, but despite Brian Taylor reporting it had been published, this 'x' file is proving impossible to locate.

For those who may wonder why this news site is concerned with a matter that the Scottish media seem to have dismissed, we simply remind them that these allegations were made in the Scottish parliament. If a senior politician decides to stand up in the chamber and level accusations at public bodies whilst at the same time seeking to use them for political gain and to mock his opponent, then we have to be sure they are valid.

The First Minister himself has on more than one occasion faced baseless accusations that he 'misled' parliament. The accusations, without fail, then featured prominently in the press and broadcast media, sometimes for months (remember Trump?).

There are very real doubts over the validity of the claims made by Mr Gray. If, as it appears, critical scrutiny of statements made in the chamber are to be one way only then the chamber itself loses integrity.

Finally, there are those who would suggest that the BBC's Brian Taylor has damaged his reputation by appearing to blithely accept Iain Gray's original claims at face value without bothering to check their accuracy. This can be remedied to an extent by simply publishing, on his blog, the documents he claims Labour have already published – or at least provide a link to downloadable PDF's.

It may not clear up this issue one way or the other but it will allow the general public to formulate their own opinion on the truth of the matter, whilst in possession of as many of the facts as possible.

The truth is out there .... let's see it.

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ISRAEL appears to have lost control of their forces. Their actions here amount to piracy. To board vessels in this manner in international waters and shoot dead civilians is unaceeptable no matter what.

Scot Independent.


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