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Gangsterism and corruption in Glasgow

“Strathclyde Police is expected to reject calls from SNP MP John Mason for a criminal probe into Glasgow City Council, BBC Scotland understands.

It follows a decision by Audit Scotland to also reject calls from Mr Mason to investigate the council under the leadership of Steven Purcell.”

One wonders what Audit Scotland and Strathclyde Police are scared of finding? Is the reach of the West of Scotland Labour Party such that even the law-enforcers run a million miles from them?

For all the good that the Labour Party in general has done nationally – the NHS to the minimum wage – it’s unfortunate, in fact criminal, that people in the West of Scotland have seen the party descend into sectarianism, corruption, nepotism and sleaze. These latest revelations should see the party unelectable in Glasgow but the media have simply not covered this story in enough detail for the electorate to be fully aware.

Great credit in this goes to SNP MP John Mason. It is Mason who has faced a network of compliant media, cowardly politicians, corrupt officials, inadequate police force and mobster trade unions all indulging in a conspiracy of silence over this issue. For this reason alone, he deserves to be re-elected for Glasgow East in the next election.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Jocks and Afghan police in hot pursuit of Taliban


Jocks and Afghan police in hot pursuit of Taliban

A Military Operations news article

20 Dec 10
A joint rapid response effort has seen British and Afghan forces work in partnership to drive out Taliban insurgents in a decisive and telling public show of force.
Major Nick Wight Boycott discusses the insurgent threat with an Afghan policeman
Major Nick Wight Boycott, Officer Commanding Delta Company, 5th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, discusses the insurgent threat with an Afghan policeman
[Picture: Sergeant Rupert Frere, Crown Copyright/MOD 2010]
During the recent incident, the Afghan National Police (ANP) Commander on duty at Check Point Schoolhouse, around 30km east of Helmand's capital of Lashkar Gah, reported seeing a gathering of insurgents.
The insurgents were in a compound near Route 601, the main road that connects the city of Lashkar Gah to the rest of Afghanistan. The perception of security and freedom of movement is vital ground in the struggle against the violent Taliban insurgency. Any attacks against this key transit route would make locals fearful of using it and limit their ability to live normal lives and engage in commerce.
Major Nick Wight-Boycott, Officer Commanding Delta Company, 5th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, received the report and, realising the potential seriousness of the situation, mobilised his troops. The Jocks, as the proud Scottish soldiers of the Royal Regiment of Scotland are known, were despatched from Patrol Base Attal, on Route 601, to assist the ANP in the hope of cutting off the insurgents before they could attack.
The ANP sped off in their Ford Ranger trucks, followed by the Canterbury-based Scottish troops in their WMIK (Weapons Mounted Installation Kit) Land Rovers and Mastiff armoured vehicles. On arrival in the vicinity of the Taliban area, the Jocks of Delta Company found the ANP had already taken the initiative to strike at the Taliban gathering before they arrived.
A fierce firefight ensued, but the ANP clearly had the upper hand and, supported by the determined Brits, pushed a kilometre south of Route 601 in hot pursuit of the now fleeing Taliban fighters.
Lieutenant Luke McDonagh and an Afghan police officer receive useful information from local residents
Lieutenant Luke McDonagh, 5th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, and an Afghan police officer gather information from local residents
[Picture: Sergeant Rupert Frere, Crown Copyright/MOD 2010]

It was clear afterwards that the prompt action taken by the ANP had caught the insurgents off-guard and resulted in the success of the operation.
In their haste to leave the compounds they had been using, the Taliban fighters left behind a motorbike they had been using for 'dicking' - observing Afghan and British forces in the area in order to plan offensive activity. The ANP were able to capture the motorbike which will be logged as evidence and forensically examined to aid future operations against the insurgency.
Major Wight-Boycott said of the operation:
"Delta Company are here to protect the people of Helmand and support the Afghan Police, reconnecting the ANP with their community and helping them fight a vicious insurgency.
"In the morning we conducted local community engagement with the ANP; in the afternoon we were shoulder to shoulder with them in hot pursuit of the Taliban. Every day the ANP demonstrate they are growing in capability and confidence."




Friday, 17 December 2010



 Just watched this performance from Kenny Gibson on The Daily Politics, well done Kenny, we need so much more of this kind of pugnacious delivery from now to next May as the BBC are becoming more and more rabid by the day. Their latest hobby horse trying to stir up racist hatred and get students out on Scotland’s streets is a downright disgrace. They are now, along with the Times and the rest of the unionist bugles telling lies. 

Andrew Neil tried to put the boot into Kenny but got it shoved down his fat throat. I have never seen a more ridiculous looking head of hair on a man as Neil aka Brillo has, if it is hair? How can anyone keep a straight face talking to a vain fat baldy git like that, with welded on hair?

The Tory Toff Bone backed down on his lying claims that Scotland is subsidised when fronted up by Kenny. 

The posh bitch whose name I do not intend to remember was skewered and trussed like a Turkey, when she came over all patronising about being “pelted with Haggis in the streets of Biggar.” I really hope she is pelted with hot dog shite in a sweaty sock. 

To be fair to Brillo he did say at the end of that section that Londoners live on caricatures, when it comes to Scots.

Thanks a million Kenny Gibson.


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Friday, 10 December 2010



The first 40 minutes of Question Time last night was devoted to the student protests in London. This is a blatant disregard for the “Dimbleby Rules” set in Glasgow, Scotland when the Programme last aired there, on the 28th of October.

He repeatedly, condescendingly and wrongly told Nicola Sturgeon that she was only to raise matters that apply to the UK, and not specifically Scotland. In particular of course, Scottish Independence. The Elephant in the BBCs room which they ignore at their peril.

Student fees and education is a devolved matter and therefore last nights programme was applicable to England only.

The hypocrisy and blatant anti Scottish discrimination of the state broadcaster is patronising, discriminatory, and vile utterly totally vile.

David Dimbleby and the BBC owe Scotland and Nicola Sturgeon an apology.

I have watched every Question Time since October specifically to monitor the content in terms of the new “Dimbleby Rules.” Every one since has had at least the first half hour dedicated to English only subjects.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Listening to Radio Scotland and Kaye Adams, who is the daughter of Duncan Adams the Haulage contractor, coaching people and encouraging anti SNP comments on the bad weather. She is making a fool of herself shouting at John Swinney, with bizarre statements like "are you comfortable with Scotland being the laughing stock of the world in this weather."
OK so Poland and the rest of the continent have had no problems. A quick Google shows that is not true.
However, what has incensed me is the ignorance and selfish comments being made by some drivers about the situation, for example. One man was on moaning how he left his house on a journey that should have taken 1 hour, which took him 9 hours. He left his house at 12 midday, which was when the snow had been falling heavily for several hours. What was galling was that he said he had a 10-month-old baby and his toddler daughter in the car. He then went on to take even more of my breath away by saying that he was lucky as he stopped at a shop and got the last of their baby food. Dear God what an arse hole. As far as I am concerned, he is guilty of neglect and putting his children in harms way for no good reason. I honestly think that he made this story up to get on the radio to have a moan at the Government. Knowing the BBC and its shocking record on this I would not be surprised.
Stewart Stevenson did the Government no favours with his blundering arrogant statements on Newsnicht blame blame blame. He made an incredible blunder by saying that this weather was not forecast. BOLLOCKS. Get a grip Stevenson you have become the liability that the SNP does not need.
Stevenson listen up. There is not enough equipment to deal with bad weather in Scotland, not enough manpower is diverted to snow clearing. Far to many managers sitting behind their VDUs managing by remote control, and heading home at 4 o’clock. If I can know that the snow is on its way, then they can also. STOP THE BLAME GAME.

Sunday, 5 December 2010


Recently we have seen in this country someone saying that “cloned” beef is harmless. How do they know?

Monsanto and a few other companies are still pushing ahead with the other side of this Frankenstein industry in their Genetically Modified foods industry, which stands to make the billions. You and I are not factored in to their thinking. However thank God some people are on their tail.

Recently a good friend succumbed to cancer and it was during this time and in conversation with others that I realised how widespread this disease is, how complex it is, and how almost every one alive will know someone who dies from it. Apparently one in three deaths are now from cancer in some form.


“ The Idiot Cycle” film was made by UCLA undergrad and film school alum, Emmanuelle Schick Garcia. It is a serious film about cancer and how chemical companies not only profit from making the chemicals that cause cancer, but also profit from selling the drugs that treat cancer.

These same companies are now developing genetically modified crops, which have never been tested for long term health impacts like cancer. Along with the development of these non-natural food products, has been the creation of an infrastructure to support and supplement their efforts to literally modify the patterns of nature.

As our writer April Scott noted in her article, Feeding the Hungry or Population Control?

Russian scientists are not the only ones that have warned of noted health effects caused by genetically modified foods. Let us not forget that the scientists that were fired after they discovered serious health effects in animals after feeding them GM food products.

Believing in the potential of GM foods, UC Berkeley’s Ignacio Chapela and Arpad Pusztai, a plant genetic modification expert from Scotland Rowett Research Institute, were commissioned to conduct the first independent study on animals fed GM foods.

Studies showed stunted growth, impaired immune systems, bleeding stomachs, abnormal and potentially pre-cancerous cell growth in the intestines, impaired blood cell development, misshaped cell structures in the liver, pancreas and testicles, altered gene expression and cell metabolism, liver and kidney lesions, partially atrophied livers, inflamed kidneys, less developed organs, reduced digestive enzymes, higher blood sugar, inflamed lung tissue, increased death rates and higher offspring mortality as well.

The film focuses on six major companies: Dow Chemical, Bayer, BASF, Monsanto, Dupont, and Astrazeneca. It was filmed in eight countries, including the U.S.

The Idiot Cycle just won the “Green Report” award and it played to a sold-out audience during France’s biggest anti-GMO trial in October. It has been screened at the biggest documentary festivals in the world to packed theatres. Just some of the highlights include:
  • RIDM in Montreal and IDFA in Amsterdam
  • the Slow Food movement premiered the film in Italy
  • Verve Girl (Toronto) has compared it to Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”
  • Global TV called it a “must see” documentary
  •  major universities from University of Oxford to Université de Toulouse have screened the film, a few universities have even had multiple screenings
  • the United Nation’s IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) is organizing a special screening for their staff.
The buzz surrounding this film has been completely by word-of-mouth, since the film was made without a distributor or TV support. After its European premiere in Amsterdam it was signed to a French TV distributor. European TV dates start early 2011.

The revelations are shocking; a former Monsanto attorney who as a judge, consistently hears cases involving Monsanto, exclusively ruling in their favor in spite of what could only be called highly corroborated scientific evidence, to the contrary.

The clips that are included with this article, in addition to the actual trailer, give you a very good idea of what this movie is about. It is essential, it is mandatory for all people in this world to see. GMO’s are being forced into Africa under the notion that they will help “Feed the World” and it is money grubbing political propaganda at best.

The Idiot Cycle exposes the minimal amount of testing that has taken place and reveals how even in the long run, the most extended periods available to gauge are only four years. The onset of cancer is frequently fifteen to twenty years down the road for victims.

Friday, 3 December 2010

"How to Survive a Scottish Winter Which May Last a Few Days"

Sometimes just sometimes a wee post pops up on the Scotsman forum that has me spraying coffee over the VDU. The post below is to me just so topical and on message right now as we witness the bleating and baying whipped up by the BBC and the MSM about the weather. If I see one more f/wit reporting from Altnaharra on the BBC, I will surely break the screen.

And then we had the minister for snow on yesterday who seems to wink at you as he talks, teling us that our weather is different from the continetals as they know when they will get winter! Dear Jesus save me from these Winking Humphreys, who apparently know things that we don't.

A snow flake is spotted drifting past the window of the BBCs DGs office in London, and the klaxons go of as the boak machine cranks up the anti and sends Greedy Fat Bastards flying into the supermarkets stuffing their trollys with pizzas and TV dinners, then they q up to fill their 4x4s which have run on 1/4 tanks all year up to the brim with fuel. So now we have Mr and Mrs Greedy Fat Bastard lugging around 75% more fuel than they need so putting pressure on the supply chain just when Mr and Mrs Greedy Fat Bastard finds themselves slithering all over the road as they are to selfish to drive with due care and attention. The owning of a 4x4 seems to give these Greedy fat Bastards legitimacy to drive as if only they are on the roads.


From the Scotsman forum:

Mac the Naif,
03/12/2010 01:04:42

"And none the doubt if this cold snap goes on, we will all die of starvation, and a lack of fuel"

Just remember Charles, eat the thin ones first, keep the plump ones for last.

And if you do run out of fuel - just think of the human body as meaty sushi.

(those tips were taken from my new book "How to Survive a Scottish Winter Which May Last a Few Days)

Wednesday, 1 December 2010




The British government have, by insulting us, granted the opportunity for us to vote for independence in May 2011. Their insulting referendum for AV for the British parliament on the same day as our Scottish elections, whilst denying Scots a referendum to vote for Scottish Indpendence has gifted us the chance to VOTE FOR INDEPENDENCE AT WESTMINSTERS EXPENSE.

This at a time when Wales has been granted a referendum, on their constitution, and now we see a Royal wedding one week before our elections, which is guaranteed to wipe Scottish politics of the meida. This would never have been contemplated one week before the UK elections. It is an insult to far.







My thoughts on Newsnicht are unprintable. Surely on such a momentous occasion AS YESTERDAY WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR SCOTLAND, it justified a programme from Edinburgh with the party leaders on a live programme. Credit is due to Brewer who did make an attempt at getting the un answered questions aired. But Mundell and the rest of them just regurgitated the same old boak inducing guff that Moore has sent out. Listening to Mcneil agreeing with a Tory has surely confirmed Labours credentials. Treacherous. They will and can do nothing to protect Scotland from this divisive bill. The holes in Calman are obvious for even a primary school child; I just pray that the SNP get a strong vote in May to exploit them to the full, this is the end game.

But back to Newsnicht. The programme format is now, in order to deflect claims of bias, that you get the SNP point of view on at the beginning as a recorded package and then you have the two or three opposition points of view on the live piece and give them their heads with no prospect of reply. There is effectively no SNP voice. The opposition however, will have been able to review the SNPs recorded piece and build their points on that. Biased, bungling, amateur, propaganda.

Monday, 29 November 2010

The Campaign for Fiscal Responsibility

The Declaration

A Scottish Parliament with far greater responsibility for raising the money it spends would lead to better government in Scotland. It would make politicians more accountable for the financial decisions they take while giving them both the incentive and the fiscal tools necessary to achieve improved public services and faster economic growth – vital in the current economic circumstances. Further, it would help to foster a healthy relationship between Westminster and Holyrood.

All of the main Scottish and UK parties agree that the Scottish Parliament should have greater financial powers. The debate is now about which powers should be devolved and when.

Much has changed in the last year and the opportunity now exists to go further than the limited financial proposals outlined in the Calman Commission report.

Therefore, we are calling for the control of most current taxes to be devolved to the Scottish Parliament as soon as possible.



The War You Don't See trailer from John Pilger on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Today I watched the Tax debate from Holyrood on the Parliament TV channel. BBC did not carry it and the BBC Democracy Live channel was frozen with no output, (I wonder why.)

BBC Reporting Scotland, which I just watched carried John Swinneys expression of regret at his handling of the affair, at the end of that expression of regret the BBC cut to a shot of Alex Salmond shaking his head from side to side with an Ooo expression on his face, so that it looked as if he was actually mocking Swinney.

The head shaking Ooo shot was in fact made by Salmond, after a remark made by Tavish Scott.

The BBC are once more accused by me of dishonesty and manipulation of events to discredit the SNP. Their agenda was never more blatantly, and aggressively displayed than in that one manipulated re edited shot. 

I further accuse the BBC of disseminating lies and propaganda, to the detriment of Scottish licence payers and the SNP.


1. The Scottish Government inherited an SVR system that had already ‘lapsed’
2. HMRC, whose agreement with the previous administration for £50,000 a year had come to an end, demanded millions of pounds in order to make the ‘tartan tax’ available for 2009.
3. The Scottish Government spent the time between 2007 and 2010 attempting to gain solid information as to the cost and efficiency of the IT upgrades required.
4. In 2010 HMRC informed the Scottish Government that they were to pay £7 million in order to have the SVR ready for 2013-14, they had three weeks to pay.
5. The Scottish Government got no response when attempting to clarify what the £7 million was for.





Thursday, 18 November 2010

Scottish Budget.

The scenes in FMQs today were a disgrace to that place. The Labour benches have shown once more how bereft they are of positive policies for Scotland as they bay and howl like mad dogs in a kennel Andy Kerrs speech yesterday was toecurling boak inducing ranting of the kind only he can produce. No wonder his gaffer stood out side with the Union demo. His excuse was that he would rather do that standing with people protecting jobs than listen to the budget. yet he was standing with people who are advocating no cuts in their budgets, which is the one thing guaranteed to loose there jobs. So Salmonds line that gray was standing campaigning against his own policies was accurate and showed us once more the hypocrisy of this ranting red faced man who surely cannot be ever considered by any one as a credible First Minister. There is to much hate and bitterness there.

Joan McAlpine has an excellent article in the Guardian and on her Blog on the budget and covers all the arguments for an independent Scottish Government.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Irelands economy.

The campaign to talk down Ireland is similar to what Scotland experiences each day at the hands of London. However it seems that the political elite now wish Ireland to subjugate themselves even further to the great EU machine in order that they may never again toy with the idea of independence from the EU. Rupert Van Pimpledick, the Belgian dwarf whose rise to the most powerful position in Europe shocked us all, has announced that if Ireland refuse to bend the knee, it is all over.

This particular warrior says “good bloody riddance,” we are over governed and there are far too many snouts in the trough sooking up my tax. I can understand the need for NATO, but the EU itself is there primarily for French farmers, German industrialists and Belgian administrators. Time to bring the edifice down it has become riddled with greed and corruption, a reflection of London. Scotland does indeed deserve much better and we can deliver it through Edinburgh.

17 November 2010 Last updated at 09:21

Sunday, 14 November 2010


They shall grow not old,
As we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them,
Nor the years condemn,
At the going down of the sun
And in the morning
We will remember them.


Television and the MSM diverts our attention.

Television diverts our attention

Newsnet Scotland  have an excellent take on the whole shebang and it exposes the MSM in Scotland as the duplicitous conniving treacherous bunch of wet fags they are. Talk about being owned? Unfortunately (for those of a weak disposition) they have put up a photograph of the child Richard Baker. Labours so called shadow justice secretary. As buffoons go the word must have been invented for this odious little twerp. He has a face that I would never tire of slapping.

The other thing that springs to mind was the business conference in Holyrood last week when Rupert “Bunter” Soames stood up and blabbered about unrealistic Scottish government renewable targets. Up until then the only thing I knew about the Soames was that his father Lord Soames is a rabid unionist Tory, who regards Scotland as a grouse moor. Apparently Rupert was a not very good barman at Annabels nightclub after he went “up” to Oxford. He is now CEO of Aggreko, the generator hire company. Quite how that qualifies him to be the worlds expert on renewables will remain one of these unionist mysteries. Apart that is from daddies contacts and cheque book.

What is of great interest though is how he came to be there in the first place, and who got him there. I have registered a question to that effect with Holyrood and they have promised me an answer. My money is on Lord Foulkes.

The story first came to my attention on the lunch time BBC news from “where you are” when the lovely Catriona trilled charmingly to Douglas Fraser, ( who was primed on the steps of Holyrood, with chapter and verse on the Soames sound bites,)  “how embarrassing is this for Alex Salmond.”  You could almost hear Foulkes sniggering into his glass.

The BBC ran it on rep. Scot. and Newsnicht and The Scotsman picked it up yesterday. I posted these very points on the Scotsmans asylum  forum, a few hours later all the comments were wiped out, and it closed. Maddox had struck.

I make no apologies for posting in a similar vein earlier this cannot be said often enough. 


I need to add this thanks to rab on the Caley.. 

Back-bench poltroonery returned when Lewis Macdonald (Lab), he of the stickie-oot bum and the stickie-up heid, had at go at the Nats about carbon capture. Eck said he was surprised by this “because the framework we put forward for carbon capture in Scotland was identical to the framework put forward by the Secretary of the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The name of that Secretary was Ed Miliband.” Whoops!
Hardman Kenny Gibson (SNP) castigated the “hollowness and blatant opportunism” of Labour’s position, while Tory man-about-town (well, I saw him in the Ocean Terminal shopping centre last weekend) Gavin Brown claimed that a highly respected expert called Rupert Soames – surprisingly not from the Gorbals, but from Eton and Oxford – had ripped apart the Nats’ energy policy last week.
Alas, Eck had the speech before him and noted that it was actually all about UK energy policy, except the penultimate paragraph which, even then, only referred to Scotland, according to Eck, “because we have to pay account, as it says, to what is happening in England and Wales”.
Mr McSoames had apparently said you couldn’t generate more than 10 per cent of your energy from wind. Eck: “We already do in Scotland.” O’Soames had also referred to the retiral of oil-fired power-generators. Eck: “We don’t have any in Scotland.”
Ach well. Nice try, Gavin. It was good to hear him and decent MSPs of all parties. At FMQs, they’re essentially just there to make up the numbers, but they’re the cannon-fodder of democracy and, as such, if I might make an uncharacteristically cheap joke, they should all be fired.

Friday, 12 November 2010

BBC propaganda from Holyrood.

The BBC are never short of ideas when it comes to anti SNP bombast. Catriona Shearer on the lunch time slot today was positively brimming with it when she asked Douglas Fraser at Holyrood, “how embarrassing is this for Alex Salmond” in response to the remarks made by Rupert Soames the son of Lord Soames and CEO of Aggreko that the Scottish Governments plans on power generation for the future were in his opinion “unrealistic.”

No reasons were offered just rhetoric from a Tory toff full of self-interest. Yet, the BBC was on it like a dog on a bone. Was there nothing positive to come from that conference that could also have been reported? Where were the real business men in the shape of McColl, Farmer and Soutar. People who did it the hard way, not on daddies cheque book and contacts.

What is the betting that this will feature heavily on reporting Scotland, and be the headline on Newsnicht, with little reply from the SNP.

What would be interesting to find out would be by what route did Rupert find himself invited to speak at this during a Business in Parliament conference. Of course we need to hear all shades of opinion, but backed up by some substance. I wonder which MSP invited him there. My betting is on Foulkes, this was classic Foulkes back stabbing.. The BBC will feed on it for weeks.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Excellent news. As far as I am concerned every single member of the Labour party should be put on trial for lies, fraud and war crimes. I hope the vile bastards end up bankrupt and destitute.......Time for a revolution.




Wednesday, 3 November 2010




November 3, 2010 posted by Debbie Menon
The tag line of a popular American television series about a US counterterrorism group—“Not every conspiracy is a theory”—is apt. The hidden purposes behind the current government-media campaign remain unclear, but one thing is certain: no trust should be placed in any of the information being given out.


Monday, 1 November 2010

BBC anti Scottish bias.


Plenty has been blogged about this, not least since the Question Time programme last Thursday. The BBC make no secret now of their hostility to the SNP and Scottish independence. They know as we do that OFCOM is in their pocket.Obviously Scottish independence will have a direct impact on their licence fee that they now use a private compqany to exthort. At least Mr Turpin wore a mask.

There is now an online petition to object to the BBCs shocking treatment of Scotland on a site called 38 Degrees where you can vent your spleen and add your name to the petition as I have.



Dear person who has no name,

In view of your lamentable excuse for Dimblebys bigotry, what was the point of broadcasting from Glasgow? Your excuse does not stand up to scrutiny, the viewers in Scotland are not as guilible as you obviously think they are. The BBC in Scotland are an irrelevance and are seen as no more than a propaganda tool for Unionism in which it has a vested interest.

Nicola Sturgeon, Deputy First Minister of Scotland, being told by the chair David Dimbleby when she raised the subject of ‘fiscal autonomy’ that the programme was ‘for a UK audience’, a point he repeatedly made to shut her up.

Scotlands fiscal autonomy has a huge affect on the "wider UK audience," who because of the Londoncentric BBC know nothing more than the lie that the Scots are subsidy junkies living high on the hog on English taxes. You perpetuate this lie, as you did when the bigoted tones of Baroness Deech was broadcast on the Eddie Mair programme. Not the first time the BBC has had to apologise for telling lies on Scotland.

You owe us a few more apologies.

Hugh Hendry (not to be confused with the Scottish Labour MSP of similar name), but Scots-born hedge fund provocateur talking about the idiocies of ‘fiscal levers’ and how it would not help the construction industry or create one new job. He clearly had no idea what he was talking about, but was able unchallenged to babble away at great length. Loving the sound of his own voice and so in love with him self that if he was chocolate he would have gobbled him self up. What relevance has that spiv got to the UK and Scotland, apart from his cringing subservience to money and London, and the brutal torture of terrorists suspects.

All of this wasn’t a one off because five minutes later when Sturgeon dared to mention the subject of Scottish independence – the official policy of Scotland’s Government – she was told by Dimbleby not to raise it.

Dimbleby’s third insight into the nature of the UK was in a question about the use of torture, where he allowed himself to bring up the Scottish Government’s release of al-Megrahi, and then brought in each of the other four panellists – bar the Deputy First Minister of Scotland. So pardon me if I laugh out loud when I read your "One of his key roles as chairman is to keep panellists to the specific question under discussion and not to potentially divert to other party political points." Please do not be so patronising and smug.

Apart from Dimbleby’s three strikes – ‘Question Time’ was dominated in time, priorities and noise, by talking about the government’s proposed cuts to housing benefit. This was completely taken up with a discussion about London and the housing market and economy of central London, a pivotal issue for the British political classes and media, but as a London topic – a minority issue if ever there was one to the vast majority of the people of the UK. Nearly 16 minutes of the programme from Glasgow dominated by the Boris question of no relevance what ever. Anything to supress Scottish voices. And demonstrate how superior the City of London is in the mind of the BBC luvvies to Scotland. Keep the jocks in their place, eh what.

This is about more than one episode of a programme, ‘Question Time’ per se, or the conceit of a Dimbleby.

It is instead about how the BBC and wider media and political classes don’t get – and increasingly don’t understand the nature of Britain – and importantly to us north of the border, Scotland’s status, place and voice.

Scottish independence will happen and the more the BBC tries to keep the lid on Scottish public opinion the greater will be the surge for independence. The history pages on BBC Scotland are running a poll on independence which ir running at 80% for at the moment. The BBC and its Unionist sympathies have become something of a joke on this side of the wall, a bit like Yes Minister.

It is significant that you ignored the point about Megrahi or the Boris question, simply because you have no answer. Ignore Scotland at your peril. Much better all round to reflect the views of the country than to suppress. Just look at what happened to the USSR, it never works.

> ----- Original Message -----
> From:
> Sent: 02/11/10 02:38 PM
> To: ******************
> Subject: Complaint Response CAS-379069-6RFR7Q
> Dear ******************
> Thanks for your feedback regarding ‘Question Time’ broadcast on 28 October 2010.
> We appreciate some viewers felt chairman David Dimbleby showed anti-Scottish bias by reminding Scotland's Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon about the programme’s wider UK audience.
> ‘Question Time’ approaches every edition with a broad and wide-ranging remit, covering the major events in the political landscape during the week. We travel across the UK, and local examples are often cited by audience members to highlight a wider point. However this does not mean that the programme seeks to discuss only regionally-specific matters.
> On this occasion the panel were expressing their sentiments on the announcement of the most recent GDP figures for the UK. During this discussion Deputy First Minister Sturgeon said “there’s another point on growth, it’s important for a Scottish audience”.
> David simply interjected to remind Deputy First Minister Sturgeon that not only was she speaking to the studio audience in Glasgow but also to viewers across the UK.
> One of his key roles as chairman is to keep panellists to the specific question under discussion and not to potentially divert to other party political points. He was not stopping her from raising a regional/national point - as has been heard in recent weeks with the al-Megrahi case or the Corus steelworks matter - but simply reminding her of the core programme need for this point to resonate with and be relevant to a UK-wide BBC One audience.
> Thanks for taking the time to contact us.
> Kind Regards
> BBC Audience Services

> ______________________________________________________________________

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Poll on Scottish independence.

I see the BBC poll on independence has mirrored the results on mine.


The State we are in.

This is one of the best articles on the Ukanian state I have read in a long time...

In “Britain of the cuts”, the present Scottish Government has become the last bastion of faith in a public-service state. It upholds beliefs which were once shared all over the UK: that health and prescriptions, school meals and university education, care and public transport for the old, should all be free, the state’s honouring of the contract between citizen and ruler.

But the Scottish bastion is now isolated, and the waters are rising around its walls. The huge cuts in Westminster’s block grant may force the Holyrood government to abandon these pledges. 

Scotland is a nation with half a state. If that half-state is prevented from doing its duty, then some will conclude that 11 years of devolution have been a waste of time. 

And others, looking ahead in anger, will demand a whole state for the future.

About the author:
Described by the historian Eric Hobsbawm as “perhaps the most brilliant student I ever had”, Neal Ascherson is a distinguished journalist and author as well as a visiting professor at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London. His books include Black Sea: The Birthplace Of Civilisation And Barbarism (Vintage, £9.99) and Stone Voices: The Search For Scotland (Granta, £9.99).

Friday, 29 October 2010

Iain Gray and the BBC.

Can you believe the shocking lies and blatant dishonesty of this deluded man. this is boak inducing stuff.

Knife crime is down but he reckons it is the most important thing in Scotland.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Copy of letter sent to David Cameron.


Dear Mr Cameron,


"There's one aspect of Scottish-English relations that I want to address.

It may seem trivial to some but I happen to believe that it's almost more damaging to the Union than institutional or economic difficulties.

It's a question of attitudes.

And, in particular, the ignorance of English people about Scots and Scotland.

All too often Scots switch on their televisions to be greeted with ignorant and inaccurate stereotypes.

Even as an Englishman, I find it a bit embarrassing.

Another aspect of English cultural insensitivity that rears its head in the media is the vexed question of sporting identity.

Why is that Scottish sportsmen and women who win are habitually claimed by English media commentators as 'British' only to be promptly redesignated as 'Scottish' the moment they lose?

Instead of deriding Scots as chippy or difficult, isn't it time that English people of good will educated themselves?

Part of the problem is that some English commentators don't seem to know what to think of Scotland - when they can be bothered to think at all.

They appear seriously confused.

One moment they deride Scots as hopeless drunks and beggars.

The next they complain that England is run by something called the Scottish Raj, a race of superhumans led by John Reid and Kirsty Wark."


You have trashed the Scottish Government in America with your ridiculous over the top pandering to the gallery by “violently agreeing,” with Obama on the Megrahi case.

You then trashed us once more at your parties conference and have now compounded it with a cheap and nasty sneer at Angus Robinson who asked a perfectly legitimate question of you regarding jobs in Moray and the Union deficit on defence spending in Scotland, per capita.

You owe a public apology to Mr Robinson and the Scottish people especially the people of Moray, who you clearly do not give a toss about. To imply that an independent Scottish Government would be flying by the seat of their pants is just bigotry of the worst kind that we have come to expect from Tory Toffs  such as you and from Westminster in general. OK you got your cheap laugh but at what price?

Newsnet Scotland

Newsnet Scotland are rapidly becoming the place to visit, if you are like me a Scottish Independence supporter.

They have done an excellent piece on the obscenity and the democratic deficit that BBC Scotland has created in our country....

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Added on 11th April 2010 at 08:39 by roibeard
by Dan Eden for viewzone

How do I tell you about this?

Most of you have already heard about the Somali pirates. Just recently they captured an American cargo ship and held the captain hostage. They have done this to many other vessels from a variety of different countries. In fact, the American captain was lucky -- he escaped, with the help of some sharp-shooter Navy Seals -- but hundreds of international sailors and crew are still being held by Somali pirates who seek millions of dollars for their safe return, and the safe return of their ships.

You know all this already, though. And you probably think it's just one more evil group of people trying to get rich quick. You probably even think we should just kill them all or find their Somali-based camp and wipe it out and be done with it.

But there's another side of this story you haven't been told. And when you hear it, you might just change your opinion of what's been going on.

I want to first describe Somalia. It's not a beautiful place, in fact it has been compared to hell on earth. All of Africa is poor by western standards, but Somalia is poor by African standards. Decades of drought, famine, genocide, war and corruption have left the inhabitants of this dusty ruin of a country in a constant battle for daily survival.

The land is littered with trash and debris from brief periods of hope and prosperity that cycled through corruption and violence. People live in huts made of trash and a majority of the nation survives on their only resource -- the ocean.

In the latter part of the 1990s, Somali people began to get sick. It was isolated at first -- skin rashes, some hair falling out, bleeding of the gums, diarrhea... and it came and went. Some people thought it could have been the fish or the water, but no one really could focus on the cause. Then, on Christmas day of 2004, it all became clear.

The great earthquake in Indonesia caused a deadly tsunami that moved west, killing hundreds of thousands of people along the way, and finished by pushing the ocean waters up the Somali coast. After it receded, Somali people found dozens of huge, strange metal cylinders on their shoreline.

Being impoverished but resourceful, people began to open the cylinders and scavenge through the contents. Maybe there was something of value inside... something they could use or sell for food. Some cylinders contained what appeared to be rocks or dirt, others had what looked like plastic and glass trash. Soon, the beaches were littered with the same debris, likely from cylinders that had broken apart under the water.

Within a few weeks, hundreds of people were sick and 300 people had died. Why? What was going on? What does this have to do with pirates?

In a schoolyard, the bullies usually pick on the weakest kids. In the global schoolyard, a country without a government to protect its people, like Somalia, is an invitation for abuse. And when the abuse is about money it's a done deal.

The easiest way to abuse Somalia was to rob them of their one great resource -- food. According to Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, the United Nations envoy to Somalia,

"European ships have been looting Somaia's seas of their greatest resource: seafood. We have destroyed out own fish stocks by over-exploitation ñ and now we have moved on to theirs. More than $300 million worth of tuna, shrimp, lobster and other sea life is being stolen every year by vast trawlers illegally sailing into Somaliaís unprotected seas."

The most prized catch of the Somali seas if the yellowfin tuna, yet these fish have been found to have surprisingly high traces of such toxic chemicals as cadmium, mercury and radioactive uranium. Despite this, these same fish are sold all across Europe without the requirement to disclose the chemicals or their country of origin.

But that's not the worst of it.

In the latter part of the 20th Century, a growing expense to both private corporations and governments has been the disposal of waste -- biological from hospitals and labs, toxic waste from factories and industry and nuclear waste from medical and military use. Even the least expensive disposal of these toxic materials can cost $250 per ton.

But what if a company offered to dispose of these toxic wastes for just $2.50 per ton? You can see where this story is going.

In the mid-90s, a Swiss firm, Achair Partners, and an Italian company, Progresso, offered their quick toxic waste disposal services to a host of European nations. The waste was loaded on to their ships and sailed away. Oh yes, there was talk and plans were made for giant incinerators to neutralize the poisons. It was all supposed to be ecological. But none of the contractors -- mostly European nations -- bothered much to check that out. Yes, the waste was loaded on to their ships and sailed away... only to be dumped in the shallow ocean off Somalia.

After the 2005 tsunami, much of the once submerged waste found it way to the beaches where the broken containers spread debris and toxic particles inland. Nick Nuttall, a UN Environment Program spokesman, said that there are reports from villagers of a wide range of medical problems like mouth bleeds, abdominal hemorrhages, unusual skin disorders and breathing difficulties in many of the northern Somali villages like Hobbio and Benadir.

What? You never heard of this before?

Humans are an amazing species. We are capable of the best and worst. At best we can survive and struggle against almost anything to ensure our survival. The Somali people did. Faced with no government to protect them from the pollution of their ocean, and the depletion of their only source of food, they organized against the dumping. They organized locally in tribes, and the tribes organized clans. With no coast guard, the Somali fishermen tried to thwart off the huge ships that were dumping uranium, mercury, lead, medical waste and other toxins on their food supply and livelihood. They knew their small effort would have little effect on the huge dumping companies... but maybe if the world knew... maybe the world would stop them.

Somali "pirate" leader, Januna Ali Jama, has clearly stated that their actions against foreign ships are aimed at stopping the dumping of toxic wastes. He said,

"We are reacting to the toxic waste that has been continually dumped on the shores of our country for nearly 20 years. The Somali coastline has been destroyed. We believe this money is nothing compared to the devastation that we have seen on the seas."

Ex-Somali Army Colonel Mohammed Nureh Abdulle lives in Haradhere ñ the town in the center of the pirate community. In a BBC interview he said,

"The town's residents are more concerned with the dumping of toxic waste than piracy... this dumping has been going on for a very long time. In 1991 the government collapsed in this African Nation and certain large corporations took advantage of this. European ships started appearing off the coast of Somalia, dumping thousands of barrels of toxic waste into the ocean. The coastal population began to get sick. At first they suffered strange rashes, nausea and malformed babies and many other symptoms but lacking proper medical attention much was overlooked. Then after the 2005 tsunami, hundreds of the dumped and leaking barrels washed on shore. People began to suffer from radiation sickness and more than 300 died.

A few nights ago, some tanks came out from the high sea and they cracked it seems and now they are leaking into the water and into the air.

The first people fell ill yesterday afternoon. People are reporting mysterious illnesses; they are talking about it as though it were chicken pox -- but it is not exactly like that either. Their skin is bad. They are sneezing, coughing and vomiting.

This is the first time it has been like this; that people have such very, very bad sickness. The people who have these symptoms are the ones who wake early, before it is light, and herd their livestock to the shore to graze. The animals are sick from drinking the water and the people who washed in the water are now suffering. "

In August of 2008, a group of about 40 Somalis attacked and seized an Iranian cargo ship, the Dyanat and took it to the port of Eyl. There it was secured by a larger group of about 100 Somalis. Within days of securing the ship, those Somalis that had been on board and inspected the cargo began to develop strange health problems. They had strange skin burns, loss of hair, nausea... and a number of men died. The actual cargo containers were securely locked and the crew claimed they did not have the access codes to open them. At first the captain said the containers contained "crude oil" but later admitted they were carrying "minerals." After a week the ransom was paid and the ship continued. Many believe it contained radioactive waste that would have been dumped had the Somaliís not intervened.

But humans are also capable of the worst. Despite the Italian Greenpeace announcement in 1992 that this activity was going on, despite the United Nations warning in that same year, despite the Italian parliament's recognition of these activities in 2000, the thousands of Somali people who are sick, the mutations and hundreds of deaths and contaminated fish, even today, these facts are suppressed.

The European nations who signed contracts with Achair and Progresso could care less about a poor country with dark skinned people. In the color spectrum of greed, green trumps every color. It is much easier to ferment hatred for brown or black skinned "pirates" than to admit the real reason for these desperate acts. It is much easier to just "kill them all" than to step in to their shoes (or lack of shoes) and see what options you might choose.

Just recently, British Foreign Minister David Miliband boasted that Britain would take the lead on "cracking down" on the pirates. The Royal Navy has instituted a special operation called "Operation Atalanta." The target will be the Somalis -- not the toxic waste ships! So now, US and European ships will continue to dump their toxic cargos with the protection from huge Navy vessels, and continue the misery of the Somali people.

Oh, there's much more I could write about this. I could tell you the guilty individuals who allowed this to happen or how the Somali warlords received arms in return for their complicity. Or the brave journalists like Ilaria Alpi and Mivan Brovato, who were assassinated in Somalia following their interview with a high level whistle-blower... But, for now, open your eyes and look for the truth behind the headlines and sound-bites.

It's much more interesting to think in black and white, good and bad. But too often the truth comes in only one color, the green of money.

Monday, 18 October 2010

“Not for flags and anthems but for fairness and compassion”

Excellent summary of the SNP conference from this blogger who has just popped up on my radar. Despite the best efforts of BBC Scotland to marginalise and denigrate the SNP conference I think Salmond has come of age and will lead us to victory next May. Given all the shit about to hit the fan most of it created by Labours lies and incompetence there will never be a better time for Scotlands independence to be centre stage:


Salmond’s purpose: “Not for flags and anthems but for fairness and compassion”

The burd has heard many speeches by Alex Salmond over the years.  But never one like this.
Gone was the old Eck, and in its place, a New Improved Eck.  Salmond delivered a personal, passionate and powerful account of his Government’s record, his party’s opening gambit for the Holyrood election and his philosophy on independence.  Activists expecting a rousing call to arms got something very different but much more significant.  “I fight not for flags and anthems but for fairness and compassion”.  Wow.
At the heart of his speech were two concepts – purpose and protect.  The latter was aimed firmly at the SNP’s re-election campaign strategy.  A second term SNP government will protect people from the worst of the cuts, by freezing the council tax, by delivering a living wage for all workers within direct control of the government, by maintaining the NHS budget, by developing not privatising Scottish Water, by putting “bobbies before boundaries”, by working cross party to protect defence jobs and by continuing to oppose Trident.  “So we will protect the values that I believe are shared by all the people of Scotland”.
The idea and sense of purpose was developed throughout his speech but came into its own when explaining his party’s commitment to independence.  “We must never make the mistake of confusing having a national parliament with having a national purpose”.  And from that point on, he took the SNP in a new direction.  Independence was not an end in itself but the vehicle by which to deliver a better nation:  “I do not want independence for its own sake, but for the sake of the people here and now, and those to come”.   The objective is a healthier economy and a fairer society.  The referendum will not be pitched as some arcane constitutional argument but as the way to deliver more and better.   It will be a jobs referendum with the implicit message that the Scottish people can choose to stay in the UK and face more cuts, fewer jobs, a more unequal society or choose “a better way, a fairer way and a fairer society…”
Other commentators have suggested that Salmond has shifted the argument from the heart to the head.  I disagree.  What Alex Salmond did today was move away from the hard-headed economic case for independence in order to develop a philosophy for self-determination.  This campaign will be about the country we want to be, the values we want to further, the society we want to create:
“We are not helpless agents of globalisation, but free citizens of a wealthy land. We are not slaves to the banking system or vassals to the lords of high finance.
And nor are we the tartan clichés of media myth, or the historical poetry of yesterday. We are the prose of today, the facts of here and now, the truth of Scotland.
And when we look to our neighbours, we can all see the family who can’t quite make ends meet, the child you needs some extra help, the grandmother alone who needs a hand, the mother struggling with hands full, the man at the end of his tether – for we are all the people who choose to live on this land, and by our shared values, we are the welfare of everyone in our community.”
This is what the appeal to “be part of better” means.

Who stole Scotland?

Who stole Scotland?

Published on 17 Oct 2010

‘Show the people that our Old Nobility is not noble, that its lands are stolen lands – stolen either by force or fraud; show people that the title-deeds are rapine, murder, massacre, cheating, or court harlotry; dissolve the halo of divinity that surrounds the hereditary title; let the people clearly understand that our present House of Lords is composed largely of descendants of successful pirates and rogues; do these things and you shatter the Romance that keeps the nation numb and spellbound while privilege picks its pocket.’

Friday, 1 October 2010


Elmer Fudd shoots again, his feet must be like collanders. What an embarrassment to Scotland Iain Gray is. Sneering and gloating about Ireland when the UK is worse of thanks to his party of crooks. I hope the Irish diaspora, of which there are many thousands in Scotland show him the door next May.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Elmer Fudd rides again.

Gray Iain is certainly giving the SNP plenty amunition to defeat them next May, will they start scoring?

Ed Miliband contradicts Iain Gray on sentencing

Ed Miliband has delivered a major embarrassment to Labour’s Holyrood leader by indicating he wants the justice system to impose fewer short prison sentences.


My hope and vision for Scotland, is that in taking our energy from the sea we will need to develop our marine fleet, which in turn will see renewed requirement for shipbuilding and Scotlands world famous engineering capabilities. It is an offence to me to see these giant machines of war sliding down the slips of Govan and out of the sheds of Scotstoun on the Clyde whilst in KG5 dock we see the wind turbines for Whitlee wind farm arriving from Denmark on Danish built ships and then been transported on Danish trucks too the site. What a dreadful irony.

Scotland and the Clyde once built 75% of the ships afloat. On almost every ship afloat, a Scottish engineer delivered the engineering expertise. Hence the character of the chief engineer Scotty on the futuristic Star Fleet Enterprise, in Startrek. Scotland once supplied almost every steam engine on the railways of India, Africa, and many other countries, built in Glasgow. Many of them are still running today. Polar engines built in Glasgow still power many ships on the high seas today, although the company has been in the grand tradition of the union subsumed into a British one.

The vision that Alex Salmond has is an honourable one, and one we must grab with all our strength. It is an industry that could see Scotland stagger from it’s present supine postion in the UK to being what we should have been in the 70s with the discovery of oil in our national waters. If we fail this time then it really is game over, and we will be buried forever in the coffin of the UK. God help us if Iain Gray becomes Scotland’s next first minister, we cannot let that happen.

Monday, 27 September 2010


Whether you like it or not, the legacy of your Iraq journey, made with your self-made GPS, includes your sacrifice of the UN and negotiations on the altar of a self-serving alliance with the Bush administration. You admit in your book that “a few mistakes were made here and there”. One line reads: “The intelligence was wrong and we should have, and I have, apologized for it.” A major pillar of your case for invading Iraq is treated almost like a footnote. Your refusal to face the facts fully is the reason why “people of good will” remain so distressed and continue to demand accountability.
Hans von Sponeck is a former UN assistant secretary general and was UN humanitarian co-ordinator for Iraq from 1998 until he resigned in protest in March 2000.
Also see:

Sunday, 26 September 2010


Today my better half and I decided to pay a visit to the seaside, as it was sunny and cloudless if a little brisk. We happened by accident to stray into Prestwick and on to its beach. A place I have never been to. The beach was not nice with washed up seaweed and litter cluttering it up, despite the nice weather very few people were about. After some walking through the litter and rotting weed we decided much to the disgust of the doggie to sit down at a beach side play area which had a window offering snacks and coffees to the public, at a price. My better half returned with two coffees and one hot dog, as I had no inclination to eat. The hot dog was disgusting and would not have made good dog food. The coffees were little more than white froth in a polystyrene cup. After having a laugh at my better half’s description of the offending articles, I enquired how much it had all cost. She reached into her pocket and counted her change from £10. It came to £3.42.........After the red mist cleared I had worked out that the items had cost, £6.58. It was all my better half could do to prevent me from returning and complaining. Talk about daylight robbery! At least Dick Turpin wore a mask. I just hope that no foreign visitors strayed in to this disgusting minefield of muck and revolting al fresco corruption.

Having walked a wee bit further I decided to check out another of these al fresco establishment and saw that they had a price list displayed, around the corner from the actual entrance. Calling coffee Latte, or Cappuccino seems to mean that the price of a cup of instant cheap Tesco brown dust, pumped up with steam can be charged at upwards of 195p. Tea was 95p. In addition, a hotdog was an eye watering 395p. I am seriously thinking of opening a snack bar, if you can get away with charging these prices for a roll with shit in it and coloured water. No wonder there is so many of these greasy spoon vans and bars opening. What a revolting nation we have become.

The point behind this is that many time I have seen articles in the press bemoaning the fact that we no longer appreciate the Costa Clyde and that it is falling in to disrepair due to lack of investment. Given our experience today I can honestly say as I said to my better half on the way home that I would sooner sit in the back garden with my bare arse in a patch of nettles than be ripped of like that again. I will never be back there. Years ago when the kids were wee, a similar fate befell us when we ventured in to Largs and made to go on to the beach, to be greeted by the side of human shit and condoms and sanitary towels bobbing around in the surf, we never went back. All our holidays were spent in the Highlands, or abroad. The Costa Clyde can go to hell where it surely will for all I care, if that is what they serve up. They deserve the wrath of the public who are obviously voting with their wallets.

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