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Megrahi Trial.

A good summary of the Megrahi trial on here!



SNP got Lockerbie bomber release correct

Aug 25 2009 by Alan Poole
WORDS I never thought I’d say – the Scottish National Party were right.

A phrase I never dreamed would drift across my consciousness, let alone pass my lips – leave Alex Salmond alone!

The SNP, of course, are at best parochial parasites, at worst insidious racists, while their leader is a politician who miraculously contrives to make Tony Benn seem modest, Paddy Ashdown sincere and David Cameron patrician.

But it was little short of revolting to watch him subjected to a relentless round of radio and TV inquisitions because Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi has been allowed to return to Libya for the last few months of his life.

And the possibility that Salmond and his government could now be forced out of power by an unholy unelected alliance of the UK media and the US intelligence services is such an affront to the core principles of justice and democracy that it tempts the most ardent Unionist to head north for a gathering of the clans.

Despite what you might gather from the lobby correspondents at Westminster and Holyrood, nobody has a clue as to the extent of the political and commercial pressure piled on to Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill as he pondered his decision.

But the glaring flaw in all of those supposedly well-informed conspiracy theories is that they pre-suppose a secret pact between Salmond and Gordon Brown – the two British politicians least likely to do each other a favour if their lives depended on it.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Boycott Scotland

Well done who ever spoofed this site.

Boycott Scotland

"In Scotland, we are a people who pride ourselves on our humanity. The perpetration of an atrocity and outrage cannot and should not be a basis for losing sight of who we are, the values we seek to uphold, and the faith and beliefs by which we seek to live."

– Kenny MacAskill, Cabinet Secretary for Justice

Abdel Baset al-Megrahi did not show his victims any humanity or mercy, so why did Scotland decide to show him any? How can we possibly show these terrorists that we will not be intimidated if we continue to be better than they are?

The bombing of Iran Air Flight 655 Pan Am Flight 103 was a courageous cowardly act deserving of the Legion of Merit no mercy.

The actions of the Scottish government are despicable. They have freed a man responsible for the mass murder of 270 innocent civilians, therefore, they, and the rest of Scotland must be held responsible, for ultimately the people of a democratic nation are responsible for its leadership.

Because of this I urge every American to Boycott Scotland. It is the only way we Americans can ensure that every nation maintains and respects our rules, our laws, and shares our viewpoint.
The Boycott

Every self-respecting American should immediately ensure that they do not purchase, own or use any of the following as it could be construed as supporting Scotland and their terrorist friendly regime.

Road Travel

The pneumatic tyre, tarmac and the two stroke engine are all Scottish inventions and as such should be avoided. Unfortunately it is best if you don't cycle either as that was also invented by a Scotsman. For the time being please walk instead.

Set down the remote control, unhook the cable and turn off the television set as its inventor was born in Helensburgh. I know it might be difficult, but think about all the time you will have free to do other things, just make sure you walk to them.

I urge you to please get the word out about this site and the Boycott, but do not telephone your loved ones or write to them (best to avoid postcards, fax & radio as well).

Please do not use any of America's suspension bridges as their construction is due to another Scottish invention.

If you do have a suspension bridge in your area please consider contacting your local government official and demand its removal.
Finger Printing

Any American citizen convicted using finger print evidence should be pardoned immediately.

Moms to be, cancel that ultrasound. Kid taken a tumble down the stairs? Am sure they'll be ok, just ensure they don't have an MRI.

All diabetes sufferers should immediately cease all use of Insulin (its ok, you wouldn't have been able to inject it anyway)

If you are currently taking any of the following (or any other beta blocker) dispose of them;

* acebutolol
* bisoprolol
* esmolol
* propranolol
* atenolol
* labetalol
* carvedilol
* metoprolol
* nebivolol

and you'll have to find an alternative treatment for that unfortunate bout of syphilis
Cold beer

Remove all beverages from the fridge, a cooler will have to do. Just remember that every warm beer is bringing us one step closer to Scotland relenting. A reduction in liquid consumption might be a good thing as every patriotic American should remove the flush toilet from their bathroom.

While enjoying your warm FREEDOM™ beer please petition your local government official to begin disbanding the American PGA (remember not to use the telephone, post, radio, fax or a computer - perhaps their office is within walking distance?) also you should urge Lance Armstrong to be a true all American and give up cycling.

The UK

Although the final decision fell to Scotland we should also apply pressure to the rest of the UK in the hope that they can influence Scotland, a tactic which has worked well in the past. Because of this I advise every American to also remove the following products from their homes.

Pencils, Clockwork Radios, The World Wide Web, anything containing LCDs, microphones, SMS messaging, typewriter, fiber optics (inc cable internet & television), Universal Turing machines (i.e computers), pocket calculators, anything containing RAM, 3D Computer games, MP3 Players, PDAs, any clothing manufactured with the aid of a sewing machine, anything made of polyester, Adjustable spanners, anything that uses an electric transformer, diesel engines, any torches etc containing LEDs. Oh, and no more of mom's apple pie.
Show your support

Please send this page on to every patriotic American you know, we must raise as much awareness as possible for this campaign to make an impact. If you would like to send the webmaster a message of support you can do so by emailing

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Tuesday, 25 August 2009


The charges of Quisling and Traitor are often used to describe certain groups of people who comment and pour scorn on the SNP and the ambitions of many Scots to secede from the UK. These same people, such as for example AM2 on the Scotsman forum, under his many monikers then try and spin this as anti-English sentiment which according to them is rife in the SNP.

When we see Scots touting their opinions on American newspapers, making statements such as this:

"The Scottish government and its legal system are a laughingstock around the world," said Paul McBride, one of Scotland's top defense lawyers.

Iain McMillan, director of CBI Scotland, which represents Scottish business, said there was a real risk that the country's businesses could suffer as a result of the al-Megrahi decision. Online discussion rooms and Scottish newspapers have received messages from U.S. citizens saying they won't be visiting, and a Web site called has been set up." I am quite happy to apply the tag of traitor to these individuals. The director of the CBI in Scotland, who's job it is to promote and foster commerce in this country, making statements like that would in many other countries see him in jail. Lucky for him then that he bides in a compassionate and liberal country with a social conscience that allows freedom of expression. What a disgusting creep you are McMillan, (I know he is an avid reader of my rantings.)

Much of the so called American comment is so predictable and transparent that it is obviously manufactured by the Britnats, it is juvenile and idiotic.

As to having read it. It is quite obvious to me that the text has been composed by a British author, certainly not American. Paul McBride has form on this kind of cyber slimne, so putting two and two together I would not be in the least surprised if he and his gang of anti Scottish chums are behind it. It has been said by both Brown and Cameron, that they will, "do whatever it takes," to keep Scotland in the union.

This is now going badly wrong for the Britnats. Browns statement is just fence sitting, he will never be elected as PM of the UK.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Recall of Parliament.

This is a reply I left on AMWs blog incase he is to busy to moderate.

In all honesty I think Blair, Brown and Lord Fondlebouy have scored a spectacular own goal on this. Brown and Murphy's fence sitting has spoken volumes. As for Ian Gray, he is nothing more than a clammy olegenious wee creep. Waited until MacAskil made his decision before pouncing like a flea bitten dog to condem him. What a disgusting spectacle the sitting in Holyrood was today. These creeps who politicised this courageous decision by MacAskil will rue the day they did.

MacAskil has balls of titanium, he will have done himself and the SNP nothing but good. Don't forget Magrahi is going to publish his evidence, the testimony of a dying man will have more credibility than any slimy New Labour chancer.

Here is a good post from todays Scotsman, not me:

Dùn Èideann Bully Wee,
24/08/2009 16:48:35

A good performance by Kenny MacAskill in parliament today.

He made the opposition hyenas look as if they were red-necked crass slavering exponents of Old Testament style retribution, with no form of compassion or justice.

Not one of them was capable of making a salient point, despite having almost an hour to do so.

Not only that, the sting in the tail for them was the last minute intervention from former Labour minister Malcolm Chisholm who made his support for Kenny MacAskill very clear.

With the Church of Scotland, the Catholic Church, former First Minister Henry McLeish, Lord Fraser of Carmyllie (former Lockerbie trial law officer), David Steel (albeit a former Spitting Images puppet),the Governor of Greenock Prison, the SPS medical consultants, the Parole board and most of the Scottish and some of the English media in favour of this decision, it is difficult to see how is actually against it.

Monday, 17 August 2009


Darren John George, date of death 09/04/02, age unknown, Private.
Robert Busuttil, 17/08/02, 30, Sergeant.
John Gregory, 17/08/02, 30, Corporal.
Jonathan Kitulagoda, 28/01/04, 23, Private.
Steven Sherwood, 29/10/05, 23, Lance Corporal.
Mark Cridge, 22/03/06, 25, Corporal.
Peter Edward Craddock, 27/03/06, 31, Lance Corporal.
Jim Philippson, 11/06/06, 29, Captain.
David Patton, 04/07/06, 38, Captain.
Paul Bartlett, 04/07/06, 35, Sergeant.
Jabron Hashmi, 01/07/06, 24, Lance Corporal.
Peter Thorpe, 01/07/06, 27, Corporal.
Damien Jackson, 05/07/06, 19, Private.
Alex Eida, 01/08/06, 29, Captain.
Ralph Johnson, 01/08/06, 24, 2nd Lieutenant.
5ss Nicholls, 01/08/06, 27, Lance Corporal.
Andrew Barrie Cutts, 06/08/06, 19, Private.
Leigh Reeves, 09/08/06, 25, Private.
Sean Tansey, 12/08/06, 26, Lance Corporal.
Bryan James Budd, 20/08/06, 29, Corporal.
Jonathan Peter Hetherington, 27/08/06, 22, Lance Corporal.
Anare Draiva (Fijian), 01/09/06, 27, Ranger.
Steven Johnson, 02/09/06, 38, Flight Lieutenant.
Leigh Anthony Mitchelmore, 02/09/06, 28, Flight Lieutenant.
Gareth Rodney Nicholas, 02/09/06, 40, Flight Lieutenant.
Allan James Squires, 02/09/06, 39, Flight Lieutenant.
Steven Swarbrick, 02/09/06, 28, Flight Lieutenant.
Gary Wayne Andrews, 02/09/06, 48, Flight Sergeant.
Stephen Beattie, 02/09/06, 42, Flight Sergeant.
erard Martin Bell, 02/09/06, 48, Flight Sergeant.
Adrian Davies, 02/09/06, 49, Flight Sergeant.
Benjamin James Knight, 02/09/06, 25, Sergeant.
John Joseph Langton, 02/09/06, 29, Sergeant.
Gary Paul Quilliam, 02/09/06, 42, Sergeant.
Oliver Simon Dicketts, 02/09/06, 27, Corporal.
Joseph David Windall, 02/09/06, 22, Marine.
Craig O’Donnell, 04/09/06, 24, Private.
Mark William Wright, 06/09/06, 27, Corporal.
Luke McCulloch, 06/09/06, 21, Lance Corporal.
Paul Muirhead, 06/09/06, 29, Lance Corporal.
Gary Wright, 19/10/06, 22, Marine.
Jonathan Wigley, 05/12/06, 21, Marine.
Richard J. Watson, 12/12/06, 23, Marine.
James Dwyer, 27/12/06, 22, Lance Bombardier.
Thomas Curry, 13/01/07, 21, Marine.
Mathew Ford, 15/01/07, 30, Lance Corporal.
Jonathan Holland, 21/02/07, 23, Marine.
Scott Summers, 21/02/07, 23, Marine.
Ross Clark, 03/03/07, 25, Lance Bombardier.
Liam McLaughlin, 03/03/07, 21, Lance Bombardier.
Benjamin Reddy, 06/03/07, 22, Marine.
Michael Smith, 08/03/07, 39, Warrant Officer Class 2.
Chris Gray, 13/04/07, 19, Private.
Simon Davison, 03/05/07, 22, Guardsman.
George Russell Davey, 20/05/07, 23, Lance Corporal.
Daniel Probyn, 26/05/07, 22, Guardsman.
Darren Bonner, 28/05/07, 31, Corporal.
Mike Gilyeat, 30/05/07, 28, Corporal.
Paul Sandford, 06/06/07, 23, Lance Corporal.
Neil Downes, 09/06/07, 20, Guardsman.
Thomas Wright, 24/06/07, 21, Drummer.
Sean Dolan, 30/06/07, 40, Captain.
Dave Wilkinson, 01/07/07, 33, Sergeant.
Daryl Hickey, 12/07/07, 27, Guardsman.
Alex Hawkins, 25/07/07, 22, Lance Corporal.
David Atherton, 26/07/07, 25, Guardsman.
Barry Keen, 27/07/07, 34, Sergeant.
Michael Jones, 27/07/09, 26, Lance Corporal.
Tony Rawson, 10/08/07, 27, Private.
David Hicks, 11/08/07, 26, Captain.
John Thrumble, 23/08/07, 21, Private.
Aaron McClure, 23/08/07, 19, Private.
Robert Foster, 23/08/07, 19, Private.
Christopher Bridge, 30/08/07, 20, Senior Aircraftman.
Damian Wright, 05/09/07, 23, Private.
Ben Ford, 05/09/07, 18, Private.
Craig Brelsford, 08/09/07, 25, Sergeant.
Johan Botha, 08/09/07, 25, Private.
Ivano Violino, 17/09/07, 29, Corporal. Phillip Newman, 20/09/07, 36, Colour Sergeant. Brian Tunnicliffe, 20/09/07, 33, Private.
Alexis Roberts, 04/10/07, 32, Major.
Jake Alderton, 09/11/07, 22, Lance Corporal.
John McDermid, 14/11/07, 43, Captain.
Jack Sadler, 04/12/07, 21, Trooper.
Lee Johnson 08/12/07, 33, Sergeant.
Darryl Gardiner, 20/01/08, 25, Corporal.
Damian Lawrence, 17/02/08, 25, Corporal.
Damian Mulvihill, 20/02/08, 32, Corporal.
John Thornton, 30/03/08, 22, Lieutenant.
David Marsh, 30/03/08, 23, Marine.
Gary Thompson, 13/04/08, 51, Senior Aircraftman.
Graham Livingstone, 13/04/08, 23, Senior Aircraftman.
Robert Pearson, 21/04/08, 22, Trooper.
Ratu Babakobau, 02/05/08, 29, Trooper.
James Thompson, 19/05/08, 27.
Dale Gostick, 25/05/08, 22, Marine.
Daniel Gamble, 08/06/08, 22, Private.
Nathan Cuthbertson, 08/06/08, 19, Private.
David Murray, 08/06/08, 19, Private.
Jeff Doherty, 12/06/08, 20, Private.
James Bateman, 12/06/08, 29, Lance Corporal.
Sean Robert Reeve, 17/06/08, 28, Corporal.
Richard Larkin, 17/06/08, 39, Lance Corporal.
Sarah Bryant, 17/06/08, 26, Corporal.
Paul Stout, 17/06/08, 31, Trooper.
Joe Whittaker, 24/06/08, 20, Private.
Michael Williams, 24/06/08, 40, Warrant Officer Class 2.
Dan Shirley, 27/06/08, 32, Warrant Officer Class 2.
James Johnson, 28/06/08, 31, Lance Corporal.
Jason Barnes, 22/07/08, 25, Corporal.
Kenneth Rowe, 24/07/08, 24, Lance Corporal.
Jonathan Mathews, 28/07/08, 35, Sergeant.
Peter Cowton, Peter, 29/07/08, 25, Private.
Wayne Bland, 11/08/08, 21, Signaller.
Barry Dempsey, 18/08/08, 29, Corporal.
Justin Cupples, 04/09/08, 29, Ranger.
Gary O’Donnell, 10/09/08, 40, Warrant Officer Class 2.
Jason Rawstron, 12/09/08, 23, Private.
Nicky Mason, 13/09/08, 26, Lance Corporal.
James Munday, 15/10/08, 21, Trooper.
Yubraj Rai, 04/11/08, 28, Rifleman.
Neil Dunstan, 12/11/08, 32, Marine.
Robert McKibben, 12/11/08, 32, Marine.
Krishna Bahadur Dura, 15/11/08, 36, Colour Sergeant.
Alexander Lucas, 24/11/08, 26, Marine.
Georgie Sparks, 27/11/08, 19, Marine.
Tony Evans, 27/11/08, 20, Marine.
Damian Davies, 12/12/08, 27, Marine.
Marc Birch, 12/12/08, 26, Corporal.
Steven Fellows, 12/12/08, 26, Lance Corporal.
John Manuel, 12/12/08, 38, Sergeant.
Aaron Lewis, 15/12/08, 26, Lieutenant.
Stuart Nash, 17/12/08, 21, Rifleman.
Robert Deering, 21/12/08, 33, Corporal.
Ben Whatley, 24/12/08, 20, Lance Corporal.
Liam Elms, 31/12/08, 26, Corporal.
Christopher Reed, 01/01/09, 25, Sergeant.
Travis Mackin, 11/01/09, 22, Marine.
Tom Sawyer, 14/01/09, 26, Captain.
Danny Winter, 14/01/09, 28, Corporal.
Richard Robinson, 17/01/09, 21, Corporal.
Daniel Nield, 30/01/09, 31, Corporal.
Darren Smith, 14/02/09, 27, Marine.
Stephen Kingscott, 16/02/09, 22, Lance Corporal.
Paul Upton, 25/02/09, 31, Lance Corporal.
Jamie Gunn, 25/02/09, 21, Rifleman.
Michael Laski, 25/02/09, 21, Marine.
Tom Gaden, 25/02/09, 24, Corporal.
Christopher Harkett, 14/03/09, 22, Lance Corporal.
Dean John, 15/03/09, 25, Corporal.
Graeme Stiff, 15/03/09, 24, Corporal.
Tobie Fasfous, 28/04/09, 29, Lance Sergeant.
Sean Binnie, 07/05/09, 22, Corporal.
Adrian Sheldon, 07/05/09, 25, Rifleman.
Ben Ross, 07/05/09, 34, Sergeant.
Kumar Pun, 07/05/09, 31, Corporal.
Mark Evison, 12/05/09, 26, Lieutenant.
Jason Mackie, 14/05/09, 21, Marine.
Petero Suesue, 22/05/09, 28, Fusilier.
Jordan Rossi, 23/05/09, 22, Sapper.
Kieron Hill, 28/05/09, 20, Lance Corporal.
Robert Richards, 28/05/09, 24, Lance Corporal.
Stephen Bolger, 30/05/09, Corporal.
Nigel Moffett, 30/05/09, 28, Lance Corporal.
Cyrus Thatcher, 02/06/09, 19, Rifleman.
Robert McLaren, 11/06/09 ,20, Private.
Paul Mervis, 12/06/09, 27, Lieutenant.
Sean Birchall, 19/06/09, 33, Major.
Joshua Hammond, 01/07/09, 18, Trooper.
Rupert Thorneloe, 01/07/09, 39, Lieutenant.
David Dennis, 04/07/09, 29, Lance Corporal.
Robert Laws, 04/07/09, 18, Private.
Dane Elson, 05/07/09, 22, Lance Corporal.
Ben Babington-Browne, 06/07/09, 27, Captain.
Christopher Whiteside, 07/07/09, 20,
Trooper. Unnamed, The Rifles, 09/07/09.
Unnamed, Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, 09/07/09.
Unnamed, Royal Tank Regiment, 10/07/09.
Five unnamed, The Rifles, 10/07/09.

Sunday, 16 August 2009


This morning I started by commenting on a post over on Rosies blog on Afghanistan and The never ending sadness of the news that just keeps on coming.

It quickly turned into a blog post as every thing just poured out.

It is becoming very painful when you compare our rate of attrition to that of the Americans. We suffer four times their rate in propotion to the numbers on the ground.

Having watched Ainsworth on the Marr show this morning it has become really desperate. He is so thick and inept and just slow, it is just infuriating. For example the reason the Mastiffs have not been given to the troops is that they have not been trained for Gods sake. And apparently they have to be UK trained, dear God help me to bear this mans oiky horrible utterances.

When I began my 9 years service it was in an armoured recce regiment, we had four different types of vehicle. Saladin, Saracen, Ferret, and Landrover. Within a very short space of time I was driving all four vehicle as if you are competent enough to drive one safely then the rest of them are just common sense.

But apparently the Mastiff has to be held for the next brigade who will have been trained on them, what utter utter bollocks. I say that as an ex regimental driving instructor. A vehicle is a vehicle, give it to a competent squaddie and he will quickly utilise it. This health and safety box ticking arse covering madness that civvies are infected with, does not work in the Army when your life depends on having good kit. Imagine how demoralised these guys are right now as their comrades die, and they know there is kit there available but being held up by some box ticking civil servant jobs worth fuck wit. That could have made a difference.

Super Puma helicopters will now be another 3 years being modified by Germany and France before we can give them to the troops.

Merlin heliscopters which were in Iraq sat for a year in a hanger before the decision was made to modify them and sent them to Afghanistan, and they still are not operational.

Apparently, even although Britain has now had it's arse kicked out of Afghanistan 3 times since 1839, (and it looks like this will be 4,) Ainsworth has only just discovered that Afghanistan is a hot high country with very different terrain to Iraq. He also tells us that it is very complicated and very very difficult, "out there." WOW. The breathtaking knowledge and insight of the man is terrifying. He goes on to say that the forces have ability in "spade fulls," what a pity that we could not find a minister with the same level of ability to fight their corner. If Ainsworth was my shop steward I would leave the union. The fact he occupies one of the highest and most responsible offices of state in Britian really frightens me. Imagine if another crisis worse than this one shows up.


Secrecy sounding the armour on new vehicles destined for British troops in Afghanistan is preventing them from being flown into the conflict zone.

The cladding on the Ridgbacks has been classified as so secret that only British transport aircraft are allowed to ferry them to the troops in Helmand province.

As a consequence, the much-needed vehicles have been queuing up in Dubai, with long delays before sufficient UK transport aircraft can be found to take them to Afghanistan.

Rosie Gentles son Gordon died for that very reason.

These are the same people. Desk-bound civil servants working in Iraq and Afghanistan are earning bonuses worth more than double the wages of front-line troops.

This is making me sick just thinking about it all.


Below is a previous response to one of Rosie posts:

One reason why the unelected Brown does not want an open transparent enquiry is that his tenure in No11 will see him exposed as one of the main reasons that troops were deprived of very basic equipment taken for granted by other armies, such as proper robust vehicles and not ex NI snatch landrovers, good modern body armour and most important good air cover and medivac facilities. His restraints put on Whitehall at the time were the main reason for these disgracefull failures.

Grieving mothers like Rosie Gentle who's son Gordon died for want of electronic counter measures, which was being held back in a bloody store somewhere, instead of being issued.

This is how Rosie found out:

"Fusileer Gentle was travelling with a convoy of Snatch Land Rovers as it left Basra Palace at 8.30 on the morning of Monday 28 June. Fusileer Sean Gill, next to him, told the inquest he was dazzled by a huge flash as the bomb exploded. "I was disorientated for a few seconds. He was lying on his back with his eyes open."

Shrapnel had pierced Gordon's upper back, cutting an artery and stopping the flow of blood to his brain. A camera crew with the convoy filmed the efforts of his colleagues to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Within hours, a censored version of the footage appeared on the breakfast news – and was seen by Rose Gentle as she drank a morning coffee. "I thought, 'God, some poor mammy's going to see her son lying on the ground.'" She did think for one awful moment that she recognised Gordon, but thought, "It can't be, I would have been told."

Three hours later, two soldiers came to the shop where she worked. They asked her to sit in their car, and then they told her. "All I can remember is running out the car, screaming.'"

Her husband, George, a construction ground worker, collapsed from the shock when she rang to tell him. "I just says, 'The wee man's been killed.'" George has not worked since. He supports his wife's campaigning, but plays no public part in it. While we talk, he stays out of the way in Gordon's room, on the computer."

And this is how the bastards respond:

On his very first test on his much trumpeted transparency and accountability, Brown is exposed as the lying demagog he is and always will be who puts his and his morraly bankrupt party before all.

Well Gordon Brown you are finished so why don't you just piss of and take your rag bag of scum sucking crooks with you.

Thanks for reading, I feel a blog post coming on.

The "trilogy" that Ainsworth referred to on Marr, was broken a long time ago. I take it he was referring to the covenant we should have with our forces. Blair broke that, the forces are left exposed and vulnerable by box ticking incompetent civil servants and a mirage of ever changing defence ministers who are career politician and look after them selves only. The forces are just a necessary evil to these snobby hypocrites, but a great photo opportunity when their popularity rating goes down as Brown has shown again and again with his cynical popping up in Iraq and Afghanistan, smiling that disgusting rictus smile as he shakes the hand of a warrior who's boots he could not lace.

Politicians I worship the ground that is coming to them.

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