Friday, 13 November 2009

Glasgow NE

The SNP need to up their game that much is obvious from the open goal they had in Glasgow NE and they skeylfed the ball wide.

Labour have shown that they are prepared to be as dirty and as illegal as they can get away with to win, they win ugly. The SNP need to get down in the sewer with Labour and start grabbing them by the bollocks and squeezing. The SNP message is a good one, Labour know that, which is why they lied through their teeth and got away with it in Glenrothes and Glasgow NE. I have shouted at the TV when watching Nicola and Hosie and others being so bloody nice, when they should be fighting mad and telling Glenn Campbell and the biased media to shut the fuck up and listen. Bains campaign was nasty, but it will get worse come the Scottish elections. And the GE. The SNP needs an Alastair Campbell, or independence will wither on the vine.

Alex Salmond I know you are an avid reader of my blog ;o)) so listen. Stop trying to be the funny man, the cheeky chappy. Stop your bloody sniggering and smirking, stop doing that we laugh that you and Nicola do in between syllables. Stop shouting your head of in Holyrood and keep cool and nail the bastards with the sword of truth. You are a good communicator and debater, cut out the sarcasm you are better than that. Nail them with the truth, stuff their bloody lies down their rotten throats. You are intelligent and shrewd, use these clubs and drive the ball down the middle of the fairway, you can buy and sell the lot of them. People do not like smug and sneery politicians. Look at how Mandelson is hated.

Scotland desperately needs a saviour right now to deliver independence, be that man, leave your ego at home, be humble and ruthless, give them no quarter. If you cannot then let some one who can take over.

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Anonymous said...

As a supporter of independence I am dismayed by Salmonds bravado and posturing. His "hung by a Scottish rope," was his worst gaff since "free by 93," why can he not just get his head down and get on with the job and deliver independence instead of all this grandstanding and strutting. He needs to wise up or he will drop the ball if he has not already done so. As you say he needs to get down and dirty to deal with the New Labour lie machine.

Saor Alba.

Scot Independent.


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