Thursday, 7 January 2010


Darwinism and natural selection!

Is it me or has the human race become so corrupted by modern living that they cannot even use the most basic survival skills?

I am sick and bloody tired listening to spineless morons whining on about snow and ice. "The pavement outside my door has not been cleared for 3 weeks," they bleat like orphaned lambs. Well pick up a bloody shovel and do some thing, it might run some of the fat of your arse.

When I lived in Germany, winters like these are common place and they just get on with it. Studded tyres, chains, snow plows and blowers have chains on, adequate stocks of grit are stored in summer. And each owner of a property is responsible for the paved area adjacent to that property, for cleanliness and snow clearing and gritting. Fines are imposed for those who constantly fail to attend to their responsibilities. OAPs and the incapacitated are given assitance from local authorities.

People know instinctively that snow and ice are slippery and behave accordingly like driving with due care and attention. Not spinning your wheels and revving the arse out of the engine. Roads that are prone to heavy drifiting have signs banning vehicles with no chains.

They just get on with it. Yes airports are closed and trains delayed and accidents happen on the motorways, but i have never seen the bleating and pathetic moaning that I have seen on the TV these past few weeks. Bloody spineless whimps. Get of your arses and do something about it, help your neighbours have a street cleaning party with a barbecue to finish of. Make sure your local OAPs are OK.



subrosa said...

Well said. Unfortunately I was advised, by a good friend who has insider knowledge, not to clear the pavement outside here because, if someone did fall I would be liable and sued.

That's why it's come to this, although I have cleared the driveway onto the road.

Like the new design. :)

scunnert said...

Here in Canada KBW snow and ice are a fact of life - a pain in the arse - but a fact of life. I walk to and from work - about 10k - every day no matter the weather. Are Scots such wimps these days that a little adverse weather is beyond their capacity to cope?

Key bored warrior. said...

Thanks Rosie, if someone tries to sue me for falling on my cleared pavement i will saw their feking legs of and do the time ;o) Happy New Year.

Scunnert hello my mate lives in Fort St John BC, he was a trucker on the ice roads but his health gave out so he now makes picture frames, and his wife runs the Post office in their district.

Last time we spoke he had a metre of snow, which arrived in August and will be there until May. he says he never thinks about it. If he has to go out he pulls on his warm gear, and uses snow shoes or gets in his truck with chains on and drives. The main routes are kept open but it is up to the citizens to get to them. Snow mobiles, skis, snow shoes, all utilised.

They stock up on food and fuel, they think and plan and adapt and survive something most of our citizens seem to be incapable of this most basic human skill.

Like I said, natural selection.

Happy New Year ;o)

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