Thursday, 28 October 2010

Copy of letter sent to David Cameron.


Dear Mr Cameron,


"There's one aspect of Scottish-English relations that I want to address.

It may seem trivial to some but I happen to believe that it's almost more damaging to the Union than institutional or economic difficulties.

It's a question of attitudes.

And, in particular, the ignorance of English people about Scots and Scotland.

All too often Scots switch on their televisions to be greeted with ignorant and inaccurate stereotypes.

Even as an Englishman, I find it a bit embarrassing.

Another aspect of English cultural insensitivity that rears its head in the media is the vexed question of sporting identity.

Why is that Scottish sportsmen and women who win are habitually claimed by English media commentators as 'British' only to be promptly redesignated as 'Scottish' the moment they lose?

Instead of deriding Scots as chippy or difficult, isn't it time that English people of good will educated themselves?

Part of the problem is that some English commentators don't seem to know what to think of Scotland - when they can be bothered to think at all.

They appear seriously confused.

One moment they deride Scots as hopeless drunks and beggars.

The next they complain that England is run by something called the Scottish Raj, a race of superhumans led by John Reid and Kirsty Wark."


You have trashed the Scottish Government in America with your ridiculous over the top pandering to the gallery by “violently agreeing,” with Obama on the Megrahi case.

You then trashed us once more at your parties conference and have now compounded it with a cheap and nasty sneer at Angus Robinson who asked a perfectly legitimate question of you regarding jobs in Moray and the Union deficit on defence spending in Scotland, per capita.

You owe a public apology to Mr Robinson and the Scottish people especially the people of Moray, who you clearly do not give a toss about. To imply that an independent Scottish Government would be flying by the seat of their pants is just bigotry of the worst kind that we have come to expect from Tory Toffs  such as you and from Westminster in general. OK you got your cheap laugh but at what price?


Dawdels said...

Would love to know if you get a reply?

cynicalHighlander said...

Good on you as they treat us with utter contempt.

Anonymous said...

Hate to be a chippy jock, but, the man's name is Robertson, not Robinson. That aside, I'd love to know what kind of response you get.

Key bored warrior. said...

Chippy Jocks are the finest. Keeps the bastards on their toes. I have e-mailed the above but the paper version has not yet been dispatched so I have time to amend the Robinson mistake. I am still shaking with rage after watching that disgraceful Question Time last night. See the excellent article on Joan Mcalpines blog.

Thanks for your input all.

Anonymous said...

Great letter, think we all want to hear the reply. It may take some time he's probably got lots of letters like this one! Liked your 'British' comment on media commentators Andy Murray at Wimbledon is classic example.

Scot Independent.


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