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I am sick and tired of David Camerons anti Scottish sneering in the Commons. His latest effort regarding the Citi bank opinon that investing in Scottish renewables is unwise given the uncertainty over the consitution using  the tired old hackneyed rhetoric that Scotland is to small. It also flies in the face of the actuality and the inward investment that is taking place and about to take place. The only uncertainty exists in the imperilaist fantasies of little Engerlanders like Cameron, as they manufacture as much bad news for Scotland as possible. The lies they told to justify the denial of grants to carbon capture at Longannet is but another example of their treachery.

Cameron sneered at a perfectly valid question from the SNP regarding RAF bases, that "if Scotland were independent we would be flying by the seat of your pants." Cheers and jeers all round. 

An MP has demanded an apology from the prime minister after his question about devolving North Sea oil revenues to Scotland was described as "stupid". Angus MacNeil had asked David Cameron for his thoughts on the results of a poll carried out for the Sunday Express. The SNP MP said 68% of Scots said they wanted revenues devolved. Mr Cameron started his reply with: "Well, if you ask a stupid question you get a stupid answer". So by implication 68% of Scots are stupid. And we must not forget his starstruck playing to the gallery in front of Obama, when  he told him he "violently agreed" with his opinions on the release of Megrahi. That was just after the SNPs landslide election win in May. When he played to the gallery again by stating his latest new idea his" Scottish respect agenda." What a sick joke that has turned out to be.

The amount of anti Scottish comment and sentiment now being expressed by English sources towards Scotland is beyond the pale. How one country can wish so much misfortune and demonstrate such ill will towards your neighbours defies belief. The sheer indignation of certain sections of the English establishment betrays their true colours in that they have regarded Scotland as being in their possession, and how bloody dare we want to control our own revenues.  The fascist imperialism that has always been there now burst in to the open. No wonder Scotland is embracing independence.

Just read this hypocirical patronising guff.

David Cameron said in a speech in Glasgow a couple of years ago:

"There's one aspect of Scottish-English relations that I want to address.

It may seem trivial to some but I happen to believe that it's almost more damaging to the Union than institutional or economic difficulties.

It's a question of attitudes.

And, in particular, the ignorance of English people about Scots and Scotland.

All too often Scots switch on their televisions to be greeted with ignorant and inaccurate stereotypes.

Even as an Englishman, I find it a bit embarrassing.

Another aspect of English cultural insensitivity that rears its head in the media is the vexed question of sporting identity.

Why is that Scottish sportsmen and women who win are habitually claimed by English media commentators as 'British' only to be promptly redesignated as 'Scottish' the moment they lose?

Instead of deriding Scots as chippy or difficult, isn't it time that English people of good will educated themselves?

Part of the problem is that some English commentators don't seem to know what to think of Scotland - when they can be bothered to think at all.

They appear seriously confused.

One moment they deride Scots as hopeless drunks and beggars.

The next they complain that England is run by something called the Scottish Raj, a race of superhumans led by John Reid and Kirsty Wark."


cynicalHighlander said...

O/T: Why is it not possible to separate each of your posts if one wants to spread it further afield.

Cameron is not nothing but a schoolboy in a man's (womens) world who still thinks he's in the playground.

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Key bored warrior. said...

I keep trying new templates this one is not good I will try and revert to the older one.

When you say separate posts what do you mean?

cynicalHighlander said...

Sorry for delay in getting back on link.

If one links to a specific post of yours the comments aren't automatically open for visitors.

When posting a comment one is directed here to re type comment.

So one has to remember to copy so that one can paste comment.

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