Friday, 10 August 2012


DONALD Trump’s new Scots golf resort has sparked a players’ tourist boom, it was revealed last night. So it's yaboosucks to those that slagged and slagged and slagged this development. We cannot afford to do business with only those people who have nice squeaky clean politically correct profiles, other wise Scotland will never do business. Where do you start? Sir Tom Hunter, who made millions in trainers made for a few cents in some Asian sweat shop, and sold to gullible fashion conscious people in the UK for 1000s of % mark ups? Sir Tom Farmer who built a company notorious for ripping of customers by inventing problems with their cars they never had? Brian Souter who built his transport empire by undercutting rivals and putting them out of business, sometimes running buses at a loss to do so. China? India? Brazil? Where is that example of moral and fiscal rectitude that those who howl at the SNPs every move wish us to think they would do business with in Scotland. ANSWER: They do not exist! Well done The Donald.

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