Sunday, 28 October 2012

The UK zombies howling at the moon.

So the referendum will happen despite the Ukanian zombies howling for months it could not legally take place, now they move back on to the EU lies. The poor mad sods to not understands the law of diminishing returns.Their lies, their pettiness, their juvenile name calling in Holyrood, their abuse, their scaremongering has all been seen through by the Scottish electorate.
The polls the polls, next week we willsee a poll saying only one Scottish voter intends to vote for independence. These very same polls that told us that Scotland would never vote for devolution or a SNP government. What a bunch of howling losers the Ukanians are.

You can go back to 2007 when Eamonn Gallagher- former director general of the European Commission stated: “Scotland and the remainder of the UK would be equally entitled, and obliged, to continue the existing full membership of the EU. This was conceded by Emile Noel, one of Europe’s founding fathers and long-serving secretary-general of the European Commission, who said Scottish independence would create two states, which would have “equal status with each other and the other states”.

This is backed up by Article 34 of the Vienna Convention on the Succession of States, which reads: “Any treaty in force at the date of succession of states in respect of the entire territory of the predecessor state continues in force in respect of each successor state so formed.”

Or you COULD listen to Lord Mackenzie-Stuart, former president of the European Court of Justice who stated: “Independence would leave Scotland and something called the rest’ in the same legal boat. If Scotland had to re-apply, so would the rest. I am puzzled at the suggestion that there would be a difference in the status of Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom in terms of community law if the Act of Union was dissolved.”

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