Thursday, 13 November 2008


Just been looking a Guido and his Glenrothes rap. More interesting are some of the racist anti-Scottish comments from our English cousins. A wee sample:

Anonymous said...

Theres a fucking hole where my guts used to be...

I am absolutely seething at those dour, kilt wearing bastards!

What do New Labour have to do, to be ousted from that God forsaken pit?

Anonymous said...

Our servants realised that I control the Scottish Bank and can fuck over their welfare economy if need be. Oh, as well as providing global problems to global solutions ;)

fission chips meets saint toad said...

Well at least Labour will definitely be lumbered with Gordon until the GE.

How many dole monkeys are there in Glenrothes? I wonder if they began to fear for their "income"?

Gordon's grinning because he thinks it's all back on. Fat fucking idiot said...

Nothing changes....

The Scoots have had a fright and are back on the teat.

Winging, griping, bone-idle layaboots

Mitch said...

How do you keep a Glaswegian sober ?

Hide his giro in his work boots.

runskippyrun said...

wow, sarah Broon must have spent some quality time on her back or knees to get her old man so many votes! fat bitch must have lock jaw after all the chews she had to perform in the labour club to get these scottish cunts to vote labour.
wv gammun, like a gumbash

Anonymous said...

Looking at a profile of the area:

I have to say I think its Gordon wot won it -- when he reminded scotland that it is a paracite living off the life blood of England with his comments about needing English money to subsidise their banking jobs.

The main local issue seems to have been that SNP in the scottish parliament had held down council tax -- depriving the Glenrothes parcites of their freebies.

Butcher Cumberland said...

Me Dad sez Hadrian's Wall isn't high enough, as planes can get over it.

Anonymous said...

Poor Alex. He must be crying into his deep fried cornflakes this morning. When push comes to shove, Jock McSloshed hasn't the bollocks to stand on his two feet. Permanently seated at the nations teat, Jock don't do self reliance.

How mentally impaired does a constituency have to be to vote for Labour in these times? You'd have to be heartless not to have some sympathy for these broken, helpless people. They need all the care in the community that we can muster. Give generously.

Could the postal vote be fishier than a Jock lasses poont?

'Braveheart' - filmed in Ireland said...

Scotland, 'Braveheart Country'?

Price of oil halves and they all turn tail.

The Irish had the balls to kick the fucking English out. But then they had Michael Collins, a young fighter and not a fucking tub of lard banker as their leader.

What a piss-poor 'nation', Scotchland.

Anonymous said...

These f*****g sweaty sock dozy tosspot retards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Went to Scotland once and was told
by a long standing English resident that the Scots live in the past and are still bitter about long ago set backs for them such as Colluden in 1746.Despite their hatred of us English they are quite content to live off of our tax pounds in order to subsidise their deep fried lifestyle.Despite all their hot air about Bonny Scotland going it alone with the SNP they dont have the collective guts to sever the
cord that keeps them afloat courtesy of the English.Dont read too much into this result.
Where have all the mongoid trolls come from today -North of the Border perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Those mongs would vote labour even if the entire cabinet (with name tags) went door to door abducting children. They are terminally stupid.


Gordon can win in deepest Jockland and that changes everything, oh yes said...

Labour held a seat in Scotland, after being love bombed by Sarah Beardy.

'Aye, she's a bonny lass' etc etc

Thing is, the Socialistic Scots will always run to nanny's skirts (eg the English taxpayer's pocket) when the shit hits the heather.

Remember the 1000 votes in 33 seats.....and try and think of what to say at the local elections next June.

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