Friday, 14 November 2008


So David Welch the fact is the English subsidise the Scots
Posted by chasd on August 28, 2008 9:35 PM

A report by an international firm of chartered accountants commissioned by the Sunday Times in March 2008 to investigate the finances of an independent Scotland said:

"Scotland is currently running a budget surplus of between £4.4 and £6.2 billion. This would allow income tax to be cut by 5% across the board, corporation tax to be cut from 28 to 12.5% and leave somewhere between £2 to £4 billion to be invested in a fund every year to make the country's wealth last. After saving for less than a decade, the interest alone would generate an additional £1-1.5 billion a year."

Now let me see ... who do I believe, 'chasd' or the international firm of chartered accountants ?

I think its the chartered accountants.

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subrosa said...

£2b spare. Oh please! Give us a break. John Swinney will ensure not one English £ goes back to the Treasury.

Where do these people get their figures from?

Only the legit experts put up links to account for their findings.

Otherwise I ignore the prats (who make a bluddy fortune out of business folk).

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