Monday, 24 August 2009

Recall of Parliament.

This is a reply I left on AMWs blog incase he is to busy to moderate.

In all honesty I think Blair, Brown and Lord Fondlebouy have scored a spectacular own goal on this. Brown and Murphy's fence sitting has spoken volumes. As for Ian Gray, he is nothing more than a clammy olegenious wee creep. Waited until MacAskil made his decision before pouncing like a flea bitten dog to condem him. What a disgusting spectacle the sitting in Holyrood was today. These creeps who politicised this courageous decision by MacAskil will rue the day they did.

MacAskil has balls of titanium, he will have done himself and the SNP nothing but good. Don't forget Magrahi is going to publish his evidence, the testimony of a dying man will have more credibility than any slimy New Labour chancer.

Here is a good post from todays Scotsman, not me:

Dùn Èideann Bully Wee,
24/08/2009 16:48:35

A good performance by Kenny MacAskill in parliament today.

He made the opposition hyenas look as if they were red-necked crass slavering exponents of Old Testament style retribution, with no form of compassion or justice.

Not one of them was capable of making a salient point, despite having almost an hour to do so.

Not only that, the sting in the tail for them was the last minute intervention from former Labour minister Malcolm Chisholm who made his support for Kenny MacAskill very clear.

With the Church of Scotland, the Catholic Church, former First Minister Henry McLeish, Lord Fraser of Carmyllie (former Lockerbie trial law officer), David Steel (albeit a former Spitting Images puppet),the Governor of Greenock Prison, the SPS medical consultants, the Parole board and most of the Scottish and some of the English media in favour of this decision, it is difficult to see how is actually against it.


Conan the Librarian™ said...

An honourable speech by Malcolm KBW.
Patrick Harvie agreed too, though he thought Kenny's delivery wooden.
A bit strange that, since I thought Patrick liked a bit of wood fifty percent of the time.

Key bored warrior. said...

Are you saying Patrick bats from the pavilion end, (I thought it would be appropriate in symapthy with the Aussies loss of the ashes.)

Kenny can be a bit cliched, but I would put that down to the predicament he was in, and the enormity of the decision, he has proved his metal.

A bit like my old Electra Glide which I am sorry to say I could not hold on to any longer due to the good offer I got. So new engine ordered.

I agree on Chisolm, he has at last kicked over the New Labour traces, about time someone broke ranks as they cannot all be bloody Daleks.

AMW said...

Sore one for Labour to have Malc speak hid mind.

Labour are all ocer the place on this, South they are dithering and up north they are sulking and stomping like raving bits of poodle junk.

scunnert said...

Kenny came across as a statesman - credit to him.

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