Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Herald and the Renfrew Ferry

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Compare the status in The Herald and the MSM of the "lunchgate" non story and the "Nicola letter," to that of Labour councillor Alasadair Watson resigning from SPT up to his neck in the expenses question on his watch, and his supping vigorously at the trough. When you consider the sums of money being used by SPT for these elite to travel the globe, and staying in the best hotels, supping the finest wines. To the fact that they preside over a region with the worst public transport infrastructure, with no plans to improve it. And then they axe the Renfrew Ferry, to save some money for more expenses and lavish junkets.

Where is the investigative journalism on this one?

For instance if they had spoken to the guys on the Renfrew Ferry crew, they may have discovered that they had put forward a plan to the SPT some years ago, which would have generated more traffic on the ferry. A plan that meant doing a triangular run between Braehead, Yoker and Renfrew. They also put forward a plan that included going up river to Glasgow as the now defunct Pride o The Clyde did. There were many ideas that could have increased revenue on this ferry. But these clowns were to busy gorging at the trough to be bothered with such things. Then in a final sickening blow to Alex Gilmour of the Waterbus they spent over £100,000 on a feasibility study on the prospect of putting more boats on the river. The Pride o The Clyde had been doing this for 6 years. But oh no, they had to go to Rotterdam and other far flung places to see how they did it.

There is a huge can of worms there being left to fester. The animosity felt in Glasgow councillors towards Braehead, due to them not being allowed to have Braehead under the Glasgow boundary umbrella and the subsequent loss of revenue that has created is behind most of these decisions. We now have a river with no waterbus and shortly no ferry for people to get from Yoker to Renfrew. Any other city would be glad to have this artery running into it’s centre, not Glasgow.

There is a massive story there, which ticks all the boxes. Greed, corruption, incompetence and indifference, and much more. But not one of the MSM journalists will lift the lid with an election round the corner


subrosa said...

Good to see you KBW. Was just thinking of you the other day.

Key bored warrior. said...

Rosie, what can I say? I trust you were not looking at something unpleasant whilst I popped into your head?

Blogging does not come easy at the moment. My laddie is on his way back to the desert, and it is not a good time.

Still we must not let the bastards grind us down.

Politics just seems to be getting even more predictable and boring.

Just look at what is going on at SPT. It is disgusting. If that were an SNP led organisation it would be the end of humanity as we know it.

C'est la vie.

Scot Independent.


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