Sunday, 21 February 2010


Jenny Hjul and The Sunday Times have certainly gone up in my estimation with the exposure of the disgusting culture of entitlement going on at SPT, with Labours councillors doing what they do best. Gorging at the trough. What a disgrace they are. And what a picture this all paints, which has been largely put on the back pages of the Scottish media.

The grotesque spectacle of Murphy trying to lay this at the door of the SNP, shows us just what this political eunuch is made of. He is no more than a cheap shot, spiteful politician full of malice and hatred towards the SNP. Like so many of his breed.

When you look at what they were doing and read the story on the Renfrew Ferry, it really is quite shocking and lays bare all that is rotten in our local government. SNP councillors to their credit have been warning about this for some time. Alex Salmond now needs to step up to the plate and do what he is committed to doing and gutting the big fat fish of the QUANGOS. This has to be brought to an end.

Health boards are another example of this who seem to operate in a bubble out side of the laws of natural justice and reality.

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