Monday, 26 April 2010

BBC Scotland and the Dunblane innocent.

For me the MSM in particular BBC Scotland, and their view of Scotland has reached a new sickening low. On BBC Scotland news yesterday they led with the new Labour press release that the SNP are accused of being hypocrites because of the answer that Salmond gave to Adam Boulton on the debate regarding the Dunblane massacre. He did not know that question was coming, and I think he was thrown by it, as it has to be the most distasteful question yet put in this campaign. I have no doubt at all that the question was planted by new Labour.

BBC Scotland has now declared blatant open warfare on the SNP. They have now demonstrated, like new Labour that nothing is sacred even the evil slaughter of beautiful innocent children.

I worked in the media at the time and was in Dunblane for several days. I had no connection family wise, but spoke to those who did. The service in the Cathedral will stay in my memory till the day that I die. I cannot hear the word Dunblane without an overwhelming sadness coming over me. God knows what hearing the memory of their children being besmirched in this way, in the same breath as a convicted terrorist has done to those families and friends.

I would much rather has Salmond refused to answer the question and condemned Boulton and Sky for it.

I hope the person who decided to generate the question feels shame and remorse, although I doubt it. Politicians and the unionist MSM have plumbed a new low for me.

When we secede from the UK as please God we will, I pray that the first act of the new independent government will be to close down BBC Scotland and sack every last one of their pygmy unionist managers.


Conan the Librarian™ said...

On that horrible day, I half-heard the breaking news on the radio.
First came the frantic channel hopping while trying to phone anybody...then the huge relief tinged with guilt when it wasn't my wee lassie's school.
Finally the impotent, gut churning rage...

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more.

Key bored warrior. said...

I feel your rage Conan. Imagine the howling and screeching in the UMSM if Salmond had raised that question?

CrazyDaisy said...


I sat there in disbelief yesterday, clearly there is no shame or decency. The EBC is about to be reemed legally by the SNP, it will make interesting news.

Scot Independent.


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