Monday, 31 May 2010

Iain Grays lies

Gray Iain and his team are being marginalised by their own visceral hatred of the SNP. So much energy goes into opposing the SNP, and looking for anything to try to undermine them that they have become sterile and negative, full of vituperation, which is bordering on racism.

Tavish Scott can see the wrting on the wall come next year for Holyrood elections. The SNP are being wooed once more.

Gray lied to the Parliament regarding the aledged name changing of the Skills Development Scotland quango……………………… Unfortunately for Brian Taylor he leapt to Grays defence as he praised his performance at last FMQs regarding this…..…..praising a liar Brian is not good karma.

Brian finished by saying…..”UPDATE AT 1644: Still more. Labour at Holyrood has now produced documentary evidence to back up its claim.
It has published a document dated 27 April this year which appears to be a detailed plan by Skills Development Scotland to phase in the use of The Works in signage, letterheads and the like. In an earlier statement, SDS says that an internal proposal to use The Works as a corporate brand was rejected by their directors on the 30th of March.”……having scanned every channel of news I can find no evidence of this document. Brian is seems will be wiping the egg from his ample chops.

Will we see Gray apologising to Parliament for his lies, and will Brian publish a correction on his blog?

The SNP should be holding Gray to account for his lies in Holyrood.
It was quite noticeable on the Politics Show that crooked mouth Glenn Campbell made a great fuss of questioning Gray on his lack of clarity on the budget cuts and his spokesman Kerrs statements to The Daily Mail asking Salmond to cut the budget immediately. But quietly avoided the issue of the Skills Development Scotland lies told by Gray.

(Campbell. Fanciful reconstructions derive it from the French de Campo Bello, but the likely source is the caimbeul, an Early Modern Irish or Gaelic by name meaning wry mouth, crooked mouth or twisted mouth, which refers to "the man whose mouth inclined a little on one side" or a dishonest person.) Ain't that the truth.

It was also very noticeable that no spokesman from the SNP was allowed to comment on the budget cuts article. Except that is a pre recorded piece from Stuart Stevenson defending the spurious allegations on the emissions target. What a scandalous disgrace BBC Scotland have become, they are worse than Pravda, and just as blatant.


Dubbieside said...

I think that you are being very unkind to Pravda.

Allan said...

I have watched Grey in FMQ's and he very negative. Even if Labour win the most seats next year I hope the SNP and the Lib's flump his craving to be First Minister.

The man is a bitter litte upstart.

Anonymous said...

Allan, they would be doing Scotland a favour. Even an unhappy coalition with Liberals and SNP would be better than having that idiot in charge.

Scot Independent.


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