Monday, 17 May 2010

To Scunnert

Thanks Scunnert, if you were describing the working of a Harley engine I might have a chance, but I am a complete ignoramus at this code thingy. here is what it looks like:

Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not closed: EMBED

I cannot see the symbols you have describe before the "embed."

And what causes the code to be rejected, if it seems to work on another blog?

Flubalupjubalup, weeeed.


Key bored warrior. said...

And now it worked when I used the "compose" button as opposed to "edit HTML."

Aaaargh feking pea seas

Key bored warrior. said...

That accent of hers is so false. Why on earth to some people put on airs and graces which they so obviously do not have, is it insecurity or inverted snobbery?

scunnert said...

I can't stand her fake accent - it's like fingernails dragged across a blackboard. Makes my blood run cold.

Scot Independent.


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