Thursday, 1 July 2010

LABOUR SLEAZE A BBC investigation into the planning department of one of Scotland's largest councils has revealed evidence of a close personal relationship between an influential councillor and a millionaire property developer.
Labour councillor Jim Docherty is facing calls to resign after failing to declare a long-standing friendship with Labour donor James Kean, who owns large areas of land in South Lanarkshire.

This has long been known in East Kilbride, but they have managed up until now to keep the lid on it. The EK news has reported on it, as a result of which McCann the MP who took over from five jobs Ingram, will no longer speak to the EK News. Their is a deep and fetid pit of sleaze to be tapped in this South Lanarkshire town.

I wonder how Docherty can afford a house costing £320000. he probably took lesson from Charlie Gordon who has become a millionaire property owner in Glasgow.

Docherty is the one with the foilage growing out of his nose. McCann is wearing the red tie.



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Anon said...

Very interesting.

- Aangirfan

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