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I left this comment on SNP Tactical Voting in response to his comments on last night QT from Edinburgh.

Jeff, If I had any confidence in the FOIA, I would write to the BBC and find out the methods used to select the audience, who did the selecting, and what was the demographic make up of the audience. However the contempt that the BBC has demonstrated for Scotland and her politics makes me believe I would be wasting my time.

It was very obvious that the audience was stuffed with Labour supporters, every means possible will be used between now and the Scottish elections to snuff out the SNPs voice, hence the referendum on the same day as that election on the constitution of the Westminster parliament. The TV and the MSM, channels will be overflowing with that debate so once more sidelining the debate on Scotland. This is no more than the cynical agenda we have come to expect from the Unionist establishment, in particular the Scottish Office. Respect my big hairy a...! Unionism if fighting to the last man for it’s survival, and they have all the tools to make it very dirty, and they will.

As is usual on these few QTs that come from Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon was interrupted and treated in a very brusque manner by Dimbers. She was not allowed anything like the time of the rest of the panel.

No questions were taken regarding the democratic deficit now in Scotland, where we are to vote in a referendum on the constitution of Westminster, but prevented from voting on a Scottish independence in a referendum. To rub our faces in the muck that vote will obscure our own parliamentary election, in terms of the MSM.

Nicola failed to point out, (or was prevented from,) to Forsyth that the banks only became Scottish when they failed. Before which they had been pouring billions into the UK treasury in London. That he was spreading unionist propaganda by speculating that Scotland would not have been able to deal with the bank problem. Also that he knows fine well had Scotland not been prevented from having full fiscal autonomy, we would now have one of the strongest currencies in Europe with an embarrassing surplus, (according to the suppressed McRone report.)

Notably no questions were taken on Scottish independence.

I say taken because I do know that these questions were submitted.

The SNP have to find a way of getting out from under this blanket that is trying to smother them, and they have to do so now. Not leave it to the last minute like the last UK election and then run out of time. If the SNP is serious about independence and turning Scotland round they need to act in ways they have not perhaps considered. However, they must do it and do it soon. At the moment they are being suffocated by lies and propaganda, gleefully assisted by the MSM, in particular BBC Scotland. On this form they are heading for certain defeat in Holyrood.


Munguin said...

Exactly so the Chairmen of those so called Scottish banks were honoured in the good times by the British Government for services to Banking. And lets face it HBOS is the Halifax Bank of Scotland and I dont think Halifax is in Scotland and the RBS in cluded the Nat West as its far larger partner also not a Scottish bank

biased BBC said...

I gave QT five minutes and then switched off. Dimblebore keeps prompting the Labour panellists with reminders of how bad the coalition / SNP are and what they've said in the past. He's supposed to be an ubiased host but the BBC long gave up that idea. They're biding their time until the government gets back in ( govt = Labour in beeboland)
On the independence referendum. That's the SNPs' problem. They should have had it by now but aren't interested.
I see the SNP in Shetland have put the ex Chief Executive on their shortlist of candidates. Are they mad ?

Anonymous said...

Ok rubbish with a computer but good at remembering faces. "One ordinary member of the public" who was allowed to make her point on Q.T also featured as "an ordinary member of the public " on Bernard Ponsonbys election programme as did a guy " another ordinary member of the public" who was allowed to put his point across on the "Scottish Debate " featuring D Mundell,J Murphy and Alex Salmond.Guess which party they were having a go at ?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more.

Has the SNP been entrapped by the minutiae of day to day government and lost the plot?

I think that they have developed a "don't offend anyone" mentality and this has lost them their momentum on election votes as well as the hope they once inspired in many of us.

Is the brand dead?

Key bored warrior. said...

Bugger......if fear you are right.

They are to fucking nice. Salmonds rage at Gray he displays in the chamber needs to be translated into action on the street.

It is one thing going ballistic at the moronic Elmer Fudd and his band of rock apes for the TV. Take that rage and energise the debate on Newsnight and QT. For example, Nicola is good and even cut in on the debate as she was being sidelined, but she needs to be better, and much quicker at nailing the blatant lies the unionists are allwed to broadcast. She is fiesty, but needs a bit more. For example she should have nailed Forsyth by his bollocks, (if they exist) for his lies on the "Scottish banks." Straight away not waiting for the old unionist Dalek, Dimbers to call her. She needs to cut across Dimbers and insist on speaking as they all do.

Independence needs to be placed firmly back on the agenda.

It is time to get down and dirty.

Scot Independent.


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