Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Scotland 2 Lichtenstein 1

Scotland 2 Lichtenstein 1

Scotland U21s 2 Austria 1.

Well done young jocks for showing the stuff you are made of. You make Scotland proud.

It was pure theatre last night as our senior team hung in to the last second and got the goal they so deserved. It was also pure theatre listening to Chick Young trying to interview Craig Levein afterwards, and started of asking him how it would have felt to have lost. Craig put the poor sod right live on air as he scolded him for asking negative questions of a purely hypothetical nature, as if he had wanted a bad result. Some Jocks you just cannot take the cringe out of Chick.

A bit like Strachan when asked by Barnes of BBC Scotland, (who every one despised.) After getting gubbed by Rangers. “Gordon in which area do you think Rangers were better than you here today.” Gordon looked very serious and took his time and milked the atmosphere then replied brightly, “ well probably on the big green area out there.” By the time the laughing stopped, Barnes was in his car heading back to the BBC.

Scottish football is not as good as it should be but the lads have turned a corner I honestly think they will do well in this competition now.

As far as stats go, since 1873 Scotland have played England 104 times. England have won 46 and Scotland 41. Given the population of England has been nearly always ten times that of Scotland, that means that per capita Scotland are the superior fottballing nation.

The fluke 1966 result should not stand as Sir Geoff Hurst has publicly admitted that the ball did not cross the line on the disputed goal England were awarded.

Scotland proved the following year at Wembley that England were hopeless as they humiliated them on their hallowed turf with Baxter sitting on the ball in the centre circle taunting them to come and get it. England 2 Scotland 3

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