Sunday, 26 September 2010


Today my better half and I decided to pay a visit to the seaside, as it was sunny and cloudless if a little brisk. We happened by accident to stray into Prestwick and on to its beach. A place I have never been to. The beach was not nice with washed up seaweed and litter cluttering it up, despite the nice weather very few people were about. After some walking through the litter and rotting weed we decided much to the disgust of the doggie to sit down at a beach side play area which had a window offering snacks and coffees to the public, at a price. My better half returned with two coffees and one hot dog, as I had no inclination to eat. The hot dog was disgusting and would not have made good dog food. The coffees were little more than white froth in a polystyrene cup. After having a laugh at my better half’s description of the offending articles, I enquired how much it had all cost. She reached into her pocket and counted her change from £10. It came to £3.42.........After the red mist cleared I had worked out that the items had cost, £6.58. It was all my better half could do to prevent me from returning and complaining. Talk about daylight robbery! At least Dick Turpin wore a mask. I just hope that no foreign visitors strayed in to this disgusting minefield of muck and revolting al fresco corruption.

Having walked a wee bit further I decided to check out another of these al fresco establishment and saw that they had a price list displayed, around the corner from the actual entrance. Calling coffee Latte, or Cappuccino seems to mean that the price of a cup of instant cheap Tesco brown dust, pumped up with steam can be charged at upwards of 195p. Tea was 95p. In addition, a hotdog was an eye watering 395p. I am seriously thinking of opening a snack bar, if you can get away with charging these prices for a roll with shit in it and coloured water. No wonder there is so many of these greasy spoon vans and bars opening. What a revolting nation we have become.

The point behind this is that many time I have seen articles in the press bemoaning the fact that we no longer appreciate the Costa Clyde and that it is falling in to disrepair due to lack of investment. Given our experience today I can honestly say as I said to my better half on the way home that I would sooner sit in the back garden with my bare arse in a patch of nettles than be ripped of like that again. I will never be back there. Years ago when the kids were wee, a similar fate befell us when we ventured in to Largs and made to go on to the beach, to be greeted by the side of human shit and condoms and sanitary towels bobbing around in the surf, we never went back. All our holidays were spent in the Highlands, or abroad. The Costa Clyde can go to hell where it surely will for all I care, if that is what they serve up. They deserve the wrath of the public who are obviously voting with their wallets.

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