Thursday, 14 June 2012


THE FOLLOWING IS A COMPLAINT I PUT IN TO THE BBC TODAY: At the close of First Ministers question today the First Ministers reply to Kezia Dugdale was cut of as he was in the middle of answering what was essentially hypocrisy and lies regarding the Scottish apprentice ships scheme. The answer was very important to viewers in Scotland as it totally refuted her lies and showed once more as Michael McMahon had just done, what bitter negative losers Labour are in Holyrood. We were forced in to watch the Daily Politics whether we like it or not. Given that the main whinge we constantly hear from unionist supporters is that there is not enough debate on the real issue, what happened today was a travesty of journalism. And displayed a hostility towards the SNP that the BBC are not even trying to hide. At night we are frequently left hanging waiting for Newsnight to morph in to Newsnight Scotland, often as much as 10 minutes, then Newsnight Scotland is cut short. This is sending the clear subliminal signal to Scotland that we are inferior to the BBC in London and subservient to London in all things. Today's episode of FMQs confirmed for me what many people say, that the BBC is a unionist tool, owned by the Labour party in Scotland. You are a disgrace. Mark Thomson's statement as he appeared, tie less and unshaven in Hoyrood to discuss the BBC, that the BBCs customer satisfaction has never been higher was just propaganda given that he failed to provide any evidence. He was sending a very strong signal with his scruffy appearance. END.

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