Thursday, 14 June 2012


Last night we saw on Newsnight the BBC Scotland news team aka Labour, at it again with their biased behaviour as we waited patiently as BBC Scotland reinterpreted the events, dwelling much on the edited highlights of Salmond calling Lord Levenson "Sir", and speculating on the hacked bank account angle and highlighting Elinir Goodman yawning, desperately desperately trying so hard it shone out to put Salmond down, but all they did was highlight their on lack of candour and partiality. Then we got to Brewer and the hapless Paul Martin, son of Gorbals Mick, in Glasgow with the familiar set up now of the SNP rep in a remote studio. This time it was Mark Macdonald from Edinburgh. Martin was allowed to babble on with the usual Scottish Labours smears and innuendo, and then mark Macdonald was allowed to speak, briefly as he was constantly interrupted and shouted down by Brewer the now familiar set up. Mark Macdonald exposed Paul martin who was starting to struggle badly so Brewer cut it short, exercising the escape route option, "right we'll have to leave it there" as they had obviously given Scottish Labour the chance to smear unchallenged, and now had the escape route planned as their position was exposed and cut to London. There we had two journalists, Rifkind and Hewett, who basically had Brewer grinding his teeth as they had now committed to the London escape route,with no other options, and it was going bad for Labour again as they both said that Alex Salmond had done very well, and had nothing to answer for. So most of the programme was used up with the BBC Scotland interpretation of the days proceedings, and two journalists from London whilst the Scottish angle from the two main parties was squeezed in to a 4 minute slot. Two minutes of interrupted dialogue from the "SNP accused." You could see the angry reaction from Mark Macdonald over Brewers shoulder, as he realised that once more the BBC had stitched the SNP up. However Mark do not despair the only people they are stitching up with their duplicity and bias is them selves and Labour. The anger and the disappointment of the BBC News team in Scotland, that they have failed once more to nail Salmond and the MSM is now palpable.

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