Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Brown and Iraq.

Thanks to Rosie for getting my dander up once more ;o)

Every time I see on the news, another fatality amongst our forces it is like a red hot needle goes into my soul. Not least because as an ex soldier, and father of a serving officer, I witnessed the death and destruction of some of my own comrades. But more much more than that because of the lies and duplicity that has put the lives of our finest young men and women at risk because of the ego of this corrupt PM and the previous one.

When Brown promised a root and branch review of Parliament he promised transparency, accountability, honesty, and respect. At his very first opportunity he has completely and predictably failed to do so. Promises mean nothing to these crooks. His moral compass, just spins and spins, as he flounders around in a bed of his making.

His announcement that yet another Iraq war enquiry will be secret has just blown him out of the water for good. To open it to public scrutiny could see him and Blair in jail for war crimes.

The never ending pain and grief that these liars have put families through is hard for anyone to imagine. Losing a comrade is pain that never fades, losing a son or daughter must be multiplied by God knows how many factors. Yet these cowards have never had the guts to meet the likes of Rosie and George Gentle, and their family, who's existence is a painful one as they try to come to terms with the loss of their brave 19 year old laddie.

When our son is on active service we dread hearing the news or seeing a strange car in the street, it is a living hell. You pray and pray for their safety and hide your worry as much as you can. You stop going to places where you can see the news channel on the TV. You stop reading newspapers. You withdraw into a shell hoping that the worst just avoids you this time.

The UK and the World is a much more dangerous place since Blair's decision to follow the Neocon Texan cowboy into the desert and spread death and destruction in a sovereign country for oil. May they rot and burn in hell.

Here is a copy of the response I put on Rosies Blog:

One reason why the unelected Brown does not want an open transparent enquiry is that his tenure in No11 will see him exposed as one of the main reasons that troops were deprived of very basic equipment taken for granted by other armies, such as proper robust vehicles and not ex NI snatch landrovers, good modern body armour and most important good air cover and medivac facilities. His restraints put on Whitehall at the time were the main reason for these disgracefull failures.

Grieving mothers like Rosie Gentle who's son Gordon died for want of electronic counter measures, which was being held back in a bloody store somewhere, instead of being issued.

This is how Rosie found out:

"Fusileer Gentle was travelling with a convoy of Snatch Land Rovers as it left Basra Palace at 8.30 on the morning of Monday 28 June. Fusileer Sean Gill, next to him, told the inquest he was dazzled by a huge flash as the bomb exploded. "I was disorientated for a few seconds. He was lying on his back with his eyes open."

Shrapnel had pierced Gordon's upper back, cutting an artery and stopping the flow of blood to his brain. A camera crew with the convoy filmed the efforts of his colleagues to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Within hours, a censored version of the footage appeared on the breakfast news – and was seen by Rose Gentle as she drank a morning coffee. "I thought, 'God, some poor mammy's going to see her son lying on the ground.'" She did think for one awful moment that she recognised Gordon, but thought, "It can't be, I would have been told."

Three hours later, two soldiers came to the shop where she worked. They asked her to sit in their car, and then they told her. "All I can remember is running out the car, screaming.'"

Her husband, George, a construction ground worker, collapsed from the shock when she rang to tell him. "I just says, 'The wee man's been killed.'" George has not worked since. He supports his wife's campaigning, but plays no public part in it. While we talk, he stays out of the way in Gordon's room, on the computer."

And this is how the bastards respond:

On his very first test on his much trumpeted transparency and accountability, Brown is exposed as the lying demagog he is and always will be who puts his and his morally bankrupt party before all.

Well Gordon Brown you are finished so why don't you just piss of and take your rag bag of scum sucking crooks with you.

Thanks for reading, I feel a Blog post coming on.


subrosa said...

What a touching post KBW, I was with you all the way. It seems to be the way of things that I hear bad news on the car radio. Always the heart skips a few beats, A knock on the door that wasn't expected etc, terribly stressful no matter what anyone says. Few can understand though.

I feel rather privileged having raised yer dander.

Key bored warrior. said...

Thanks Rosie, it is really difficult to stop hating these politicians now. I have stood close to some famous ones in my time, but I doubt I could restrain myself now. I shattered my wee Sony radio with a mallet in the workshop listening to Elmer Fudd bumping his gums on the Calman Cabal. I needed a new one anyway.

My tolerance level is dropping along with other things with age.

CrazyDaisy said...


I know how you feel and empathise with your position.

As a serving chap, many of us are at the end of our teather - run ragged and used like this government's whores.

I'd like to see these criminals get their come uppance and they will, Karma is Karma.

Crazy D

Key bored warrior. said...

Hy CD. I see the one eyed idiot has U turned again and will now allow some public scrutiny, what an utter prick he is, a disgrace to Scotland.

Scot Independent.


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