Thursday, 4 June 2009

THE SCOTSMAN from Mediawatch.

Another Doomed to Oblivion

A strange sense of the end being nigh
is overtaking The Hootsman.Many will have noted for example that it rarely gets a mention in the 'tomorrow's newspapers' summaries at the end of Newsnight Scotland. Although its Saturday sales probably provides it with just enough income to survive, the end cannot be long now as it fails totally to come to grips with the political and constitutional Zeitgeist overtaking this land. Sadly,by this time next year it will only be the Scottish edition of The Independent'

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Anonymous said...


I never like to see any company go to the wall but this RAG is the pits and i hope it is either sold off to someone who has a grasp on reality or the paper just foldes. Its a disgrace.

Scot Independent.


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