Sunday, 13 September 2009

10 questions for unionists?

Question 1:

Everyone tells us that Scotland is too poor to stand on its own feet and we will always require an English subsidy.

Fact Scotland has 8.6% of the UK population yet raises 10.41% of all UK tax revenues. (Source Treasury red Book 2002) Go figure it out for yourself. Exactly who is subsidising who?

Question 2.

Scotland could not survive without the Barnet formula handout from England .

The Barnett Formula is nothing more than a device that gives Scotland some of its own pocket money out of Scotland 's pay packet, which is taken by England . In 2002, Scotland contributed £42.7Billions to the UK Exchequer and received £18.1 Billions doled back in return via Barnet. It would be a much better idea to keep the £42.7 Billions as an Independent Country.

Question 3.

North sea oil is running out fast and soon there will be nothing left......

According to Professor Alex Kemp, of Petroleum Economics at the University of Aberdeen . North Sea Oil and Gas production will still be present in 2050. There is as much known oil left yet to be extracted than has already been exploited.

Question 4.

Britain is becoming a net importer of oil and natural gas.

False. Scotland is a net exporter of Oil and Gas. Fact: An independent Scotland with 17.5% of Europe 's Oil reserves will be a net exporter of oil and gas for at least 25 years more years. Properly invested the proceeds will make Scotland the second richest nation on earth for its size. There will be huge social and economic benefits for all Scotland 's Citizens and public services.

Question 5.

Scotland is too poor and small to afford to defend itself.

Why not? Switzerland uses just 1% of its GDP to provide a modern efficient Army and Air force. Norway spends 1.9% and can defend itself adequately. The UK spends 2.32% of GDP on its armed forces (Including Trident,which is accounted for in the Scottish budget,) Scotland can afford 1.6% of its GDP and still have modern professional armed forces half the size of the present UK.

Question 6.

We have a huge balance of payments problem, Scotland cannot possibly hope to pay her way.

False. The UK as a whole has Balance of Payments deficit of £35 Billions per annum. Scotland however actually contributes a Surplus of £2.3Billions.

Question 7.

Scotland could not compete against the mighty economic muscle of England .

Untrue. Denmark has an economic superpower to her south ( Germany ) and she does very well indeed. Switzerland is surrounded by three great economic superpowers, France , Italy , and Germany , yet she is the most prosperous nation in Europe . Singapore is a tiny island of 4 million people right next door to Indonesia with a population if 201 Millions yet is the powerhouse driving the SE Asian economy. Scotland has more than enough expertise to compete and prosper.

Question 8.

Scotland is too far away from the centre of Europe to prosper.

Iceland with a population of only 400,000, is situated far to the north by the arctic circle yet has the third highest standard of living in Europe .

Question 9.

The City of London is too powerful a financial centre for Scotland to compete against.

Scotland is one of Europe 's top ten financial centres, supporting employment for in the region of 200,000 people. Financial Services accounts for 8% of Scotland 's GDP and generates more than £20 bn annually for the economy. Scotland is reckoned to be the 12th leading global financial centre.

Question 10.

Scotland does not have the financial expertise to run its own affairs.

Who says so? It's strange that the late British Empire relied on a preponderance of Scots to run their affairs. Scots bankers, economists and Accountants (reckoned the best in their fields) are to be found at all levels of Government. Therefore, the expertise is there.


Anonymous said...

Sums it up and says it all....doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Better watch out, Smee will be round with his wee calculater.

Key bored warrior. said...

Tris I keep asking these questions and have on occassions I think converted people to the independence argument. Unionism appear to be driven by emotion, and theone emotion I cannot get my head around is the animosity that the desire for independence generates in a unionist. It is apparent from all you read that unionists regard Scotland as being owned by England, and must at all times bend to the will of the English dominated UK parliameent, otherwise we are to be regarded as disobedient and impertinent and must be put down. How dare we call Holyrood The Scottish Government? Who do we think we are?

Spookie I really want the smelly shite to poke his nose in, he is to busy telling lies on the Scotsman trying to remember which moniker he is and whhich one said what!

Key bored warrior. said...

I cannot be ersed correcting poor spelling but you get the drift ;o)

Tcheuchter said...

Excellent reasons for leaving the EU too, I'm thinking.

Anonymous said...

Smee is busy buggering Rufus T Arsehole right now before the latest Scotsman pieces come online tonight.

Must be first post!

Anyone with a silly nickname and writing crap, then you know it's these sad cunts. There's no sensible posts. It's just crap.

Scot Independent.


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