Monday, 7 September 2009


Out of curiosity I watched Newsnicht tonight, with the back stabbing arch unionist quisling Glenn Campbell at the helm. The article on the job losses in Livingston and the odious stealth bomber Murphy trying to be all statesman like, and justify his non job as Anti Scottish Secretary of State,(ASS) trying to make us believe that he was heading up some really great cross party consensus initiative and banging heads together to stop companies fleeing to the much more tax favourable nation of Ireland. Was just a disgusting sick joke.

First up we had the vile gloating reptilian spectacle of Iain Macmillan, the treacherous back stabbing shit who did his very best to ensure that American companies do not come to Scotlnd.

Iain McMillan, director of CBI Scotland, which represents Scottish business, said there was a real risk that the country's businesses could suffer as a result of the al-Megrahi decision. Online discussion rooms and Scottish newspapers have received messages from U.S. citizens saying they won't be visiting, and a Web site called has been set up.

His bum boy bringing up the rear said:"The Scottish government and its legal system are a laughingstock around the world," said Paul McBride, one of Scotland's top defense lawyers.

And then we had the stealth bomber Murphy on the Newsnicht piece, who contradicting his earlier cringing, could not put party politics aside and sneered once more at the arc of prosperity by naming Iceland, Norway and Ireland. He also got his lie in about us being stronger as part of the UK etc etc etc. Notably Alex Salmonds voice was not allowed to be heard only unionist voices were allowed. Alex Salmond was shown with a smirk on his face, which considering the shit he had to listen to was not surprising. But very sinister subliminal manipulation of the meida which BBC editors are now expert at.

On to the interview stage where we had the nonentity New Labour MSP James Kelly, who looked like he had been dooking for chips, and from the SNP, Joe Fitzpatrick who in the usual Newsnicht back stabbing Campbell way was constantly interrupted.

Once more Kelly just could not stop the partisan digging at the SNP having a go at the Scottish Futures Trust and despite being chided by Campbell that it did not sound as if party politics was put aside, was so programmed that he just carried on with his anti SNP bluster. Then bleating like an orphaned lamb about the Civil servants co-operating with the SNP by preparing for independence.

Is it any wonder that the SNP have left these ignorant oiks in their dust.

50 years of Labour rule, you had your chance and blew it through greed and corruption, go to hell Labour.


Anonymous said...

I cant stand the News Night program. It is so Labour and it reeks. I hope they privatise the BBC then we can get away from this big Labour broadcasting wreck.

Labour spivs always have the last word on the BBC and as for the USA readers posting on stupid pro Labour forums ? lol its just that Fuc#ing tit Rufus posting under diffrent monikers with AM2 etc.

The pish they come out with is just the same as when they are posting as kimba etc.

I cant understand the facination Labour have with internet forums ? sick bunch of people the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

boycottscotland is incidentally made by someone connected with Church of Satan in USA. It is a known in the underground. The media have suppressed. Comments removed.

You'll notice that is identical to the boycottscotland site in style and html head code? Reason being it's from the same person and hosted on the same individual server.

So Labour and Tory are in effect supporting the Church of Satan over Christian values. Fuck Labour. Up SNP.

OutLander said...

Well said.

I'm glad I missed it.

brianmca3 said...

ah newsnight,a program where you see labour,encourage scots voters to grab defeat ,from the jaws of victory
lies after more lies,kirsty(thanks for holiday jack)wark,so biased she should just wear a labour rosette on the prog
if the bbc state they are impartial,then they are lying and should be brought to book
everyone who isnt a labour voter should all threaten to withdraw licence fees,and complain about its onesided ways
as for that sick one called rufus,or as hes also known as SEBASTIAN from little britain
why is the iold martin seat still empty?,why do its voters die earlier than other constituencies
its always been labour,yet is a disgrace in this modern times,just what did mick do for them whilst sooking up cash like an under nourished vampire
his wife spent more on food than a family of 6
lets all start bombarding the bbc with emails letters of complaint etc and also to tv regulators,you tube is full of warks nastyness to mr salmond yet lets labour and unionists talk at ease
tome we all shouted out "WERE NOT GONNA TAKE IT"
or is labour like frank sinnatras song my way-"And now the end is near"

Anonymous said...

Never watch BBC under ANY circumstances! It only raises my BP!

I will go to my grave wondering WHY oh WHY we Scots have put up with such tenth rate Scots political parties for Sooo.. long!

I personally think that WW1 had a LOT to do with the surfeit of tenth raters who apparently inhabit our fair land nowadays-aided and abetted by the massive emigration to better lands since then-and the Scots Continue to crave to stay in this discredited "union"???

Why FFS???

Scot Independent.


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