Thursday, 3 September 2009


A Black Farce
Was how the vote in the Scottish parliament was described last night on Newsnight Scotland by Iain Macwhirter

To imagine that Scotland has come all that far down the civilised road was impossible as we watched all these closed faces of minds long since made up. This was not about Megrahi,but about cheap and despicable political point scoring ,which robbed Scotland for the moment at least of its moral leadership of the world,as noted by Nelson Mandela.

The sheer wretchedness of these moral and political pygmies was commented upon by Dr Jim Swire on Newsnight Scotland. Labour under the non leadership of Ian Gray had boxed itself into a complete corner and publicly disassociated itself the London leadership of Gordon Brown. The ever opportunistic Fib Dems, forever without a principle other than self- seeking and self -interest, had long since made up their minds.

Perhaps the most revealing was the Tories. We have quietly come to believe the Tories in Scotland have mutated into almost half decent human beings. Not so, they told us yesterday. The vile spectre of Margaret Thatcher hung all over them as the shrill voice of Annabel Goldie reminded us of permanently closed Tory minds. A rather sad day for Scotland,but what is already emerging is that it is not the SNP that is going to pay the political price for this black farce.


Anonymous said...

US hypocrisy

tris said...

Well said. I was ashamed as I watched the debate, at some of the rubbish coming out of some mouths.

And some of them had the gall to evoke the teachings of the Church.... either brave or somewhat shortsighted, given the opinions expressed by the leaders of the Church of Scotland and the Catholic Church in Scotland.

But of course, in the end no one had the nerve to call for a vote of no cofidence lest they put us in a situation where Mr Gray might become the First Minister...

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