Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Scotlands finances.

Just picked up this excellent post from the Scotsman forum:

Plank @ 2, chew on this.

"London is one of the world's great cities"

Kind of not surprising given the level of investment
channelled into the British Capital
and the rest of the South East,
including the portion which
is spun as a Scottish "investment" :

. £30 billion subway upgrade program
see - tinyurl.com/6sxrgv
. £5.9 billion on one London railway station
see - tinyurl.com/6yheht
. £16 billion For another London rail line
see - tinyurl.com/yphdwl
. £1 billion to upgrade an existing railway station
see - tinyurl.com/5sn8mm
. three quarters of a billion on a Dome !
see - tinyurl.com/6h6ezn
. Followed of course by yet another
London regeneration project £5 billion
see tinyurl.com/5l3jp3
. £6 billion Channel Tunnel Rail Link
see - tinyurl.com/4pg53n
. £2.5 billion -Roads just around the
Docklands in London
see - tinyurl.com/55wh6b
. £3.2 billion For Another Tube line
see - tinyurl.com/5qjoao
. £1 billion improvement to an existing Light Rail Line
see - tinyurl.com/6q2424
. £20 billion for a Second Thames flood barrier planned
see - tinyurl.com/5uf79a
. A £4 billion greenhouse tower over
Batersea power station
see- tinyurl.com/6ac8hn
. £9.3 billion for the Channel Tunnel -
see tinyurl.com/6s4vsb
. £4.3 billion for a 5th Heathrow Terminal
see - tinyurl.com/2h5hx6
. £5 billion Upgrade other London airport upgrades
see - tinyurl.com/5oe82n
. £10 billion Plans for Heathrow link to Channel tunnel
see - tinyurl.com/568dzq
. £13 billion for a third runway Heathrow runway
see - tinyurl.com/3bgdtt
. £9 billion for Brown's plans to transform Thames Gateway
see - tinyurl.com/4kr3pt
. £18 billion London Olympics (
including £200 + million stolen from
the Scottish Lottery)
see - tinyurl.com/olympicscam

The London Olympics is just another example
of Scotland building up the infrastructure
of the South East and British Capital, and of
course we are told the breadcrumbs we will get
will be sufficient for us. 2% of the contracts
Scottish companies are currently getting
is hardly even a breadcrumb -
see - tinyurl.com/3jbu2d

So just what benefit is Scotland going to get from
the London Olympics.
From the official Economic Impact analysis
of the London Olympics (see tinyurl.com/6my6gp )
we have :

"The implication of this is that for the rest of the UK (excluding London), London 2012 will have a negative
impact on GDP of c.£4 billion caused by the displacement of resources and activities towards London."

"A change in the number of businesses created is also
forecast and implies a considerable negative impact to
the rest of the UK (excluding London) resulting
from business closure or displacement towards the
London economy."

"Again this implies a huge negative effect on jobs in the rest of the UK (excluding London)"

And this report was before the massive and obscene
cost over runs from the original estimate of
£4 billion to now at least £14 billion see - tinyurl.com/6p43bv

Additionally £200+ million has been taken from the Scottish lottery. see - tinyurl.com/6pyd43

On top of all that the "positive" impact we
are told the games will means that it counts towards
Scotlands expenditure in the latest GER Report and
will do so in subsequent GERS reports !! As of
course do our involuntary contributions to Trident,
The Iraq War, etc.
see - tinyurl.com/6m9lsm

Scotland is just being treated with absolute disdain and likely the most we will get out of this that our begging for breadcrumbs from the masters table might, just might mean we recover a small portion of our "investment". Scotland needs to be rid of these British parasites as quickly as possible.

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