Monday, 7 June 2010

Cumbria shootings.

We are informed by all and sundry that we have the toughest firearms legislation in the world.

I have to question that.

Why was a taxi driver allowed to hold a licence for a shotgun and .22 rifle. His trade or profession has no need of such weapons so why?

Why are these licences not renewed annually like these other lethal machines, automobiles, car tax, MOT and insurance has to be renewed every year?

These renewals should be accompanied by medical evidence to say that the holder is a sane and fit person to hold these licences. If the person has shown unstable behaviour or serious drink or drug problems they should not be licensed.

People who want to hold a firearms licence should be prepared to be MOTd every year and pay the cost of that MOT.

They should also be required to hold publlic liability insurance.

They should also be required to have their DNA and fingerprints held, for as long as they have a licence for weapons.

These weapons should be serial numbered with a profile help on record.

Why are people with criminal records allowed to hold licences?

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