Saturday, 12 June 2010


ENGLAND'S legendary World Cup winning hat-trick hero Sir Geoff Hurst sensationally admitted yesterday that the Russian linesman got it wrong by allowing his controversial goal in the 1966 Final to stand.

The second of Hurst's three goals in the Three Lions' famous 4-2 win over West Germany at Wembley sparked one of football's hottest disputes after his extra-time shot bounced down off the underside of the crossbar.

The video clip on here is utterly hilarious just watch the antics and facial expression of Mark Jones at 3 minutes in to this. What a hoot. Maybe this will shut the English MSM up about 66 and The Hand of God in 86.


Anonymous said...

You see what happens tally man when you don't show teams respect. They turn up and play. The one certain way to motivate any team and especially the USA is to say "I expect to win," that is like giving them another man on the pitch. The English disease of arrogance has undone them once more.

It's no good blaming Green for the goal it was a fast paced shot on goal which deflected of his gloves as the angle was bad, the ball wobbled, a well taken goal.

As I said earlier it is the commentators who get the Scots annoyed with their never ending bleating about 66. Clive Tyldesley managed it twice. Once in the first half. "It's worth noting that Englands opening game against Uraguay in 66 was a draw." repeated in the second half and picked up by the studio in the summary, how pathetic,how predictable, bumping on about a match 44 years ago that Sir Geoff Hurst has admitted was a fraud.

And then to continue in the disrespectful vein that they would defeat Slovenia and Algeria to top the group. I think they have just given these two teams another man each also. What shocking arrogance. No matter how many times the dire Tyldesey shouted...ROONEY...LAMPAART....ROONEY...ROONEY ROONEY, it just was not there. Welldone USA, glad to see a Scot running on. C'mon SLOVENIA.

Not a bad night all round when we see Scotland beat Argentina at the rugby football game and England being crushed by Australia.

voiceofourown said...

Hmmm, looks as if it could be a bit of a spoof and, if so, good on Geoff for agreeing to it.
I rather enjoyed the game last night I must admit. I feel sorry for Green but relished the punditry's gas being put at a peep.
Perhaps they'll be less presumptious now. But probably not.

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