Monday, 24 September 2012


Dear Independence Supporter

As organiser of the 2012 March and Rally I am dismayed, but not at all surprised, by the utterly inaccurate reporting by several newspapers regarding the figures reported as turnout for last Saturday and also the negative headlines with which they used the March and Rally to attack the Scottish Government.

The facts are that our attendance was 9,500. That is the reality, not the extremely inaccurate and adhoc method employed by an 'official' at the Meadows. This figure was derived by a cursory glance and calculation based on that glance - from the top if our bus!

Of course the media are, by and large, only to happy to seize upon any opportunity to attack the Scottish Government and in the past few months we have witnessed the intensification of that wholly unprofessional behaviour. Previously it barely passed as journalistic reporting but now it more closely resembles the press office of the NO CAMPAIGN.

In particular the Scotsman and DC Thomson have recently thrown to the wind any attempts to cover their contempt for fair and balanced reporting.

Recently we have seen senior journalists move positions from the Scotsman to DC Thomson, etc and as a result what was once a company that rose above the gutter press in Scotland has now joined the growing band of media outlets which take their orders from the boardroom - a boardroom which invariably has connections to the Conservative party. Whilst this is no surprise to us, and of course many of yourselves, what is distasteful is the collusion of the Labour party working together with the Tories in Scotland.

Each has a different reason but essentially it is to serve their own self-interests. The debate of what independence offers Scotland is ignored as the spend all their time colluding together to release the latest scare story, often including lies.

It's inevitable that these negative and relentless attacks will intensify in their frequency and voracity - reporting the truth is not even a passing consideration for the Courier in Dundee or The Scotsman anymore.

It is OUR responsibility to fight back.

I urge everyone to add as many people to this PAGE as one simple way of spreading awareness of the forthcoming 2013 March and Rally. Also, if you have not done so please subscribe to our website via the link below:

Once you have done so we can keep you updated on everything we do via our monthly newsletter.

A fraction short of 10,000 made the journey to Edinburgh last Saturday - it's most likely that you made the trip yourself. I am making a personal plea to you, not as a politician or employee of an organisation, but as a fellow citizen of Scotland and someone who is heartily sick of seeing his fellow citizens lied to by the mainstream - a media which has no intention if reporting anything close to the truth.


I ask you to do two things:

1. ENCOURAGE AS MANY OF YOUR FRIENDS TO LIKE THIS PAGE AS POSSIBLE many friends to the group as possible.


at this link:

Let's give them a 2013 March and Rally that they cannot distort in terms of numbers by ensuring it is the biggest gathering of Independence Supporters in recent times.

Proud of you all.

Jeff Duncan - Organiser

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