Saturday, 22 September 2012



Conan the Librarian™ said...

I was there KBW, as were other Nat bloggers; if only we could have recognised each other... As is I had a pint with an old gent from Ayrshire in the doctors and we watched all the athletes zip by before hirpling along after them.

Key bored warrior. said...

Aye Conan next time I will join you, the next rally will be fantastic after this. I had my velocipede with me. I then went home and watched the Ricky Burns fight he stopped the Cockney in 4. I had so much adrenalin pumping around I was awake nearly all night. A marvellous day and a fantastic turn out. I think the turnout was nearer to 15,000. Well done for marching. I saw a lot of punters sitting at the tables as we marched past the Uni, I was tempted to stop for a pint but I had promised her indoors there was to be "nae bevvying." I saw Kervan waiting to join there and I spoke to quite a few politicos.

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