Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Just read SNP Tactical Votings post on AMWs post calling Maddox a cunt. A post which I entirely agree with and would urge him to leave it where it is, as there now seems to be a small number of people wishing he would take it down.

When you consider this post against all the other stuff you can read on blogs from all over the planet, it is mild and entirely justified. Maddox has to be one of the worst and the most biased people employed as a journalist on the planet.

His anti SNP Labour press release articles are a joke, as is the paper he is now employed by.

I think that there is some petty jealousy involved in SNPTVs comments. AMW is a very well written blog as far as I am concerned and attracts a lot of comments and debate. Which one is the better is a matter of opinion, but I do prefer the bolder style of AMW.

I wonder what all you pious goody two shoes make of this anti Scottish blogger.

What a huge pity it would be if Maddox and his unionist apparatchiks were able to moderate and censor the blogosphere the way they do on The Scotsman forum. Just take a look at the comments section on this story and see what goes on. In particular look at the Grahamski agitator who was so instrumental in the hate and venom on the old Herald forum and was subsequently banned from there. And they have audacity to make this story a Premium content story, what a bloody joke. Maddox you are indeed a cunt.

It is reminiscent of Lard Zebedee Foulkes, the most ignorant politician in Holyrood complaining about "Cybernats," as if he or any of his unionist cohorts never ever made any diparging remarks. His loutish behaviour in the Holyrood chamber are no example to any one on how to conduct your self.

Go for it AMW, and good luck to you. You have the complete support of this Cybernat.


scunnert said...

Unbelievable. Maddox posts his bile daily on the Hootsman yet gets his knickers in a twist over Spookum's wee comment. Aye - him and his groupies are all upset now -- Miss, Miss - those awful cybernats are using bad words Miss. Bunch ae fannies.

subrosa said...

I have to admit I never like the use of that word. I don't mind most words but I do think that one isn't appropriate. Yes of course I read Old Holborn but of course not all the posts are written by him and he does put warnings on his blog.

Am I a fuddy duddy? Possibly KW, in my old age but I don't think the word just justice to Spook's post in any way.

I think some people are trying to divide the SNP blogs into a them and us situation but I've made my feeling clear about that.

Not that the lad using that language will stop me reading or contributing to his blog because it won't of course. He's only a laddie after all and it's good to understand what the young ones are thinking.

So there you have it, I'd prefer him to change the title or remove it but hey, it's nothing to do with me at all.

scunnert said...

Subrosa - over here in the Great White North the "C" word is taboo. It is rarely if ever heard. But it seems to be part of every day Scot's vocabulary and, while it may not be used in polite society, I'm sure it's heard every day in Labour ranks.

Anonymous said...

KNW, Great article and thanks for hightailing what has to be the most farcical bit of lunatic journalism i have ever read from Maddox.

Yes the Cun# is a bad word but if i really thought my blog could change the course of Scottish opinion then i would not have used such language

It just shows how low and i mean low the Scotsman has become when it prints tip offs from the likes of Smee/AM2, what gutter press, what a farce but hey, the title stays.

Anonymous said...

Subrosa, i agree it was not the best word to use and anyone who reads my blog knows it was just a one of remark. The reason im not removing it is simpled.. That paper refused to ban Churchill when he tryied to post what he thought was my parents adress and plus his comments towards me about the Jewes...

I also dont take orders from smee/AM2 around what content i post, they never comment on my blgf so hmm hmm they both/he can go and hoos poos a moose

subrosa said...

I don't think most women are comfortable with the word scunnert but I hear more and more young lassies using it freely here. Such a shame really as there are far more expressive words in Scots :)

Spook dear laddie it's your blog. I've told you how I feel about the word but I don't expect you to change anything for me, far from it. You had your reasons to use it in the same way I have my reasons for my choice of words. What annoys me is that some people are criticising you because they feel superior and that shouldn't happen. People have a choice whether to read a blog or not. Methinks some folks should think back to when they were young and dare I say impetuous.

Key bored warrior. said...

Rosie, I agree with your right to disagree, it is your divine right that countless others and I signed on the dotted line to defend. Your dislike of the word is fine but to me who swears at the drop of a hat, when ever I feel like venting steam it is a we bit puzzling. I know when to swear and when not to. My Army career was probably what enlightened me.

Now then what if I said Maddox was a cock, would that be just as offensive to you. Or an arse, I am baffled as to why a cunt is deemed to be an orifice to far for some.

Maddox is all of these things and AMW using the c word is just fine by me and in no way reflects upon Scottish life or the SNP. As you say he is a laddie, who I have no doubt will be a success at what ever career he chooses. Presumably it will not be the ministry ;o)

Like I have said countless numbers of times. The rise of the SNP has been seen by these unionist eunuchs such as Maddox and dear dear Alfie on the other end of the M8 as just a temporary phenomenon that will pass as sson as the unionist get their heads out of their collective arse's. NOT.

The way that Glenn Cambell and Kirst Wark and that ugly arse Paxman talks down their snobby ignorant noses to SNP politicians, (when they let them talk,) is like a headmaster scolding an impertinent schoolboy. The media is completely and utterly unionist biased because that is the side that their bread is buttered on. Nationalism is to be treated with contempt and branded as xenophobic and small minded.

The cybernat tag seems to have come from Lard Foulkes who I am convinced is behind much of the agitation on The Scotsman. Apparently Britcybernats can do no wrong.

Conan the Librarian™ said...

It's a woman thing.

Don't hit me.

Key bored warrior. said...

Sorry Scunnert meant to reply earlier to your comment. I was watching Man U humping Arsenal. Anyway agreed with your comment somehow a bunch of fannies seems even more apt. A bunch o them, the mind boggles ;o)

CrazyDaisy said...


Huzzah! Maddox is a Cunt I read the article and he is a petty fuckin excuse for a human being, far less a professional journalist!

The thing is they've had it their own way for so long - they don't like the shitty stick up em. They're a corrupt bunch of fuckers and Joe Public ain't standing for it any longer.

You've heard of new World Order - in 2007 when the SNP formed a minority government they all laughed and have been in denial since at New Scotland Order.

Read it and weep fat boy Maddox - you're lving on borrowed time and a 9 mil round would be a waste of good ammo.

Saor Alba

Crazy Daisy

Key bored warrior. said...

Thanks CD I am about to blog a link to an article that confirms all we have come to know about the media.

Scot Independent.


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