Wednesday, 6 May 2009


There will be a pause in transmission from this call sign for a while as I am under pressure to meet a restoration deadline with my Landie 90 and my VW Type 2 bus. I also have another project in the shape of a 1965 Harley. I may however drop in from time to time to see how things are going and drop the odd comment or two. Keep on blogging, and don't let the barstewards grind you down.



subrosa said...

I'll miss you xx

scunnert said...

Good lick with your projects KBW - nae kisses though - naw.

scunnert said...

Good Lick?

Anonymous said...

All the best KBW and haste ye back

I'm a freeborn man of the traveling people
got no fixed abode with nomads I am numbered
country lanes and byways - were always my ways
I never fancied being lumbered
Oh, we knew the woods and the resting places
and the small birds sang when winter days were over
then we'd pack our load & be on the road -
those were good old days for the rover
There was open ground where a man could linger
for a week or two for time was not our master
then away we'd jog with our horse and dog -
nice & easy no need to go faster
Well, I've known life hard & I've known it easy
& I've cussed the light when winter days were dawning
but with laughter & song through the whole night long -
see the summer sun rise in the morning
All you freeborn men, all the traveling people
every tinker, rolling stone, & gypsy rover
winds of change are blowing, old ways are going
your traveling days will soon be over
Yes, your traveling days will soon be over

Conan the Librarian™ said...

You've Got A Sixty-Five Harley!?

Panhead Electra-Glide?

I've got a spoon.

It catches the drool...

Key bored warrior. said...

Thanks all. Rosie xx. Yes Conan the very one in boxes, but soon to be reborn, it was sent over from CA a few years ago, having clocked my 6th decade in March has been a turning point as I have virtualy retired from PAYE.

Scunnert thanks, kissing men is for footballers ;o), thanks for the Ewan McColl song AMW it is appreciated and makes me wish the Harley was built.

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