Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Glenn Campbell

An excellent exposure of the fool Campbell and BBC Scotlands propaganda:

Caroline Stevenson, whose son, Syracuse student Sandy Phillips, was aboard Pan Am 103, has already stated that she is "not disturbed" by Al-Megrahi's release.
"Whether he's in jail or whether he's with his family, it doesn't impact me," she said. "He should be able to be with his family and die in peace. And I hope he has found some peace." "I am not disturbed by it. I feel like if he is dying of prostate cancer, I don't have any problems at all with him being able to be with his family as he dies."
Stevenson added that she doesn't understand the U.S. government's opposition to al-Megrahi's release.
"I strongly believe in the Scottish Judicial system, and I support their decision," she said. "The people of Scotland have been very good to me and my family."

A slightly different view from the one that has thus far prevailed at the BBC, like we say, it’s a pity that having sent a team all the way to the USA at considerable expense, nobody managed to find Caroline Stevenson. Glenn finished his week off on Saturday with a ‘debate’ on the Megrahi release held inside a New York restaurant, the discussion is not documented here but pretty much went as you would expect such a discussion to go – if it is being chaired by Glenn Campbell.

We hope our look at Glenn's American week has given you food for thought.

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It certainly makes me glad I don't pay a licence fee.

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