Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Hog Warts.

How long are we going to tolerate this crooked bitch lecturing us in her sneering condescending tone. This is the bitch that crashes into a parked car whilst using her mobile, drives of without leaving her details, and then justifies her porcine repellant sister Jacqui Smith.

Humphries grilled her on Today, but missed a trick by failing to point out to her that the committee that cleared Jacqui Smith was blatantly partisan having only 5 Labour MPs making a judgement due to the other being unavaiable. The comittee should not have judged until they were all present.


Anonymous said...

Oh... you can't say that about her. She's the deputy leader of the Labour party and the Female voice of the nation.

Remember, if only women had been in charge none of this would have happened.

We can take for our example, Mrs Thatcher. Things were just dandy under her.

Nah, you're right. She's a ghastly old harriden, who may very well have disappeared up her own a**e by now.

But just be careful you don't park anywhere near her. Remember that use of mobile phones while driving, and indeed all other laws do not apply to people of her standing.


Key bored warrior. said...

Tris If I sound sexist it is maybe because I am, a bit, maybe.

People like this and Thatcher do the cause the emancipation of the female no good what ever, there I said it. I will add to that Jacqui Smith, Margaret Beckitt, and one other who's name has temporaruly escaped my diminishing cells.

I find that the red mist these bastards create in my head is causing more and more CRAFT moments. (CAN'T REMEMBER A FUCKING THING.)

People becoming incoherrent and incandescent with impotent rage is I am sure the cause of as much winter death as the flu virus. Do you think the bastards do it to cull the population.

However I have just returned from Jinty McGinty's having had a splendid lunch and now I am of for a wee lie doon. I shall arise and watch the news and start all over again.

Anne Widicomb was the other one, she was bumping her shrunken gums about it all being so unfair. Well theft is very unfair, blaming the ruled does not cut it in court, which these crooks will never see the inside of.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean KBW. Sometimes I wonder if I live in the same world as them. I hope that someone who gets nabbed cheating on their Social Security get's a lawyer that's half decnet enough to point out the bloody cheek the government have of charging them, when people like Smith walk away with £100,000 and more, and only have to say what was a grudging sorry... and NOT EVEN TO US, to a pile of other boot fillers. Yep... red mist.

I trust you slept well.

Scot Independent.


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