Tuesday, 13 October 2009


There are eleven Travelodges within easy distance of the Commons and the House of Hogs. These are Marleborne, Farringdon, Kings Cross 2, Euston, City Road, Southwark, Covent Garden, Tower Bridge 2, Liverpool St.

Bookings could easily me made by MPs and their Lardships on the nights that they wish to stay in London. There are plenty of Hotel booking agencies that can do that job for them. All it would take would be a contract between Travelodge and the government of the day. This should be renewed annually on a tender basis. MPs not wishing to use the official service and make private arrangements would have to fund these out of their own deep pockets.

When ordinary mortals travel away from home on company business they are required to stay in accommodation provided by said company or book there own with a cap on the rates. The Inland Revenue are very strict with individuals on what is described as “benefits in kind.” They appear to ignore MPs for whatever reason.

They are detestable nasty greedy grabbing charlatans who live in a cocoon protected from the market forces that we all live or die by. It is time they were held up to the flames of reality.

The new Speaker is just a carbon copy of the old windbag, who donned his red cloak of privilege and corruption today, what a disgusting sight. Almost as bad as the odious Jacqui Smith, sneering her way through her apology in the Commons yesterday. She was simply spared having to pay back her ill-gotten gains because the committee who made the decision was populated entirely by Labour MPs. They still do not get it. They have no concept of how vile and repulsive they are.

As an SNP voter and supporter of Scottish Independence I find Wisharts twittering a wee bit irritating. There are times when it is best to shut the f*** up, like now.

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1. "Everybodys to get a letter. This guy Legg seems like a real attention seeker and is stringing his moment of glory out as long as possible"


Anonymous said...

I just can't believe that they are insisting on making a fuss abut paying money back. I think that Mr Legg has been quite generous. I mean the Smith woman has got off with over £100,000. I mean that's not bad for a day's work, is it? Try that on your housing benefit and see how long it is before you are in the pokey!

I've never understood why, in modern times, we seem so reluctant to do, or incapable of doing something about this set of greedy over priviledged tossers. The ones who won't pay should be deselected and the money taken out of their retirement expenses. In the meantime they should lose the whip.

Iain McWhirter has written a brilliant piece on this, and I hope you won't mind me putting in a link here.


The fact that that useless old windbag took up his position today in the House of Old Fools, is an insult to decency.

What on earth will they be saying about the UK all over the world.

Key bored warrior. said...

Hi Tris,

The images from the House of Hogs yesterady of the fat jowly pig Martin in his scarlet robes, blubbering his oath and ending with, "so help me God," was stomach churning. This pig is so fat his little arms cannot even reach round to the front of his blubbery stomach. His whinig bleating voice as he took the oath sounded like a pathetic junkie asking for more.The images we send to the rest of the world is toe curling,no wonder the UK is a laughing stock.

Just listened to Harman being grilled by Humphries. It is hard to imagine a more hypocritical crooked politician than her. She is under investigation for leaving the scene of an accident and using her mobile whilst driving. You or I would be in jail by now.

It is time Scotland cast this diseased limb of.

Anonymous said...

I blogged yesterday on my own blog about that fat little trough swiller Martin.

They have demeaned everything now. There's no honour anywhere. Maybe once upon a time elevation to the HoL would have been an honour, now it's just a joke. They say that Jaquie Smith will go there automatically when the voters boot her out.

Scotland does not need to be a part of this shambles of a country.

Scot Independent.


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