Friday, 12 November 2010

BBC propaganda from Holyrood.

The BBC are never short of ideas when it comes to anti SNP bombast. Catriona Shearer on the lunch time slot today was positively brimming with it when she asked Douglas Fraser at Holyrood, “how embarrassing is this for Alex Salmond” in response to the remarks made by Rupert Soames the son of Lord Soames and CEO of Aggreko that the Scottish Governments plans on power generation for the future were in his opinion “unrealistic.”

No reasons were offered just rhetoric from a Tory toff full of self-interest. Yet, the BBC was on it like a dog on a bone. Was there nothing positive to come from that conference that could also have been reported? Where were the real business men in the shape of McColl, Farmer and Soutar. People who did it the hard way, not on daddies cheque book and contacts.

What is the betting that this will feature heavily on reporting Scotland, and be the headline on Newsnicht, with little reply from the SNP.

What would be interesting to find out would be by what route did Rupert find himself invited to speak at this during a Business in Parliament conference. Of course we need to hear all shades of opinion, but backed up by some substance. I wonder which MSP invited him there. My betting is on Foulkes, this was classic Foulkes back stabbing.. The BBC will feed on it for weeks.


cynicalHighlander said...

Thought I'd read this elsewhere.

Key bored warrior. said...

Great minds eh!

cynicalHighlander said...

They kicked me out twice and dont respond to emails so unsubscribed. Did toy with 'Newtons and Celts' and there are others time will tell.

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