Thursday, 18 November 2010

Scottish Budget.

The scenes in FMQs today were a disgrace to that place. The Labour benches have shown once more how bereft they are of positive policies for Scotland as they bay and howl like mad dogs in a kennel Andy Kerrs speech yesterday was toecurling boak inducing ranting of the kind only he can produce. No wonder his gaffer stood out side with the Union demo. His excuse was that he would rather do that standing with people protecting jobs than listen to the budget. yet he was standing with people who are advocating no cuts in their budgets, which is the one thing guaranteed to loose there jobs. So Salmonds line that gray was standing campaigning against his own policies was accurate and showed us once more the hypocrisy of this ranting red faced man who surely cannot be ever considered by any one as a credible First Minister. There is to much hate and bitterness there.

Joan McAlpine has an excellent article in the Guardian and on her Blog on the budget and covers all the arguments for an independent Scottish Government.


Anonymous said...

It was chucking out time in a working man's bar.

Dean said...

The budget was alright, but I do think it was timid, and missed a chance to be radical - and restructure the national spending priorities.

That said, the decision to ring fence health was right. The Tories are right to do it in England, the SNP are right to do likewise in Scotland.

But one thought - what is with the deal regarding cutting the courts budgets by 11% [I think] while increasing the spending on Sports by over 22%? Aren't our backlogged courts already in dire need for more investment, not less?

Priorities in that specific example I think!

Dark Lochnagar said...

A cringeworthy retort from Labour. They really are bereft of any semblance of sanity. Mad fuckers, one and all!

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