Sunday, 14 November 2010

Television and the MSM diverts our attention.

Television diverts our attention

Newsnet Scotland  have an excellent take on the whole shebang and it exposes the MSM in Scotland as the duplicitous conniving treacherous bunch of wet fags they are. Talk about being owned? Unfortunately (for those of a weak disposition) they have put up a photograph of the child Richard Baker. Labours so called shadow justice secretary. As buffoons go the word must have been invented for this odious little twerp. He has a face that I would never tire of slapping.

The other thing that springs to mind was the business conference in Holyrood last week when Rupert “Bunter” Soames stood up and blabbered about unrealistic Scottish government renewable targets. Up until then the only thing I knew about the Soames was that his father Lord Soames is a rabid unionist Tory, who regards Scotland as a grouse moor. Apparently Rupert was a not very good barman at Annabels nightclub after he went “up” to Oxford. He is now CEO of Aggreko, the generator hire company. Quite how that qualifies him to be the worlds expert on renewables will remain one of these unionist mysteries. Apart that is from daddies contacts and cheque book.

What is of great interest though is how he came to be there in the first place, and who got him there. I have registered a question to that effect with Holyrood and they have promised me an answer. My money is on Lord Foulkes.

The story first came to my attention on the lunch time BBC news from “where you are” when the lovely Catriona trilled charmingly to Douglas Fraser, ( who was primed on the steps of Holyrood, with chapter and verse on the Soames sound bites,)  “how embarrassing is this for Alex Salmond.”  You could almost hear Foulkes sniggering into his glass.

The BBC ran it on rep. Scot. and Newsnicht and The Scotsman picked it up yesterday. I posted these very points on the Scotsmans asylum  forum, a few hours later all the comments were wiped out, and it closed. Maddox had struck.

I make no apologies for posting in a similar vein earlier this cannot be said often enough. 


I need to add this thanks to rab on the Caley.. 

Back-bench poltroonery returned when Lewis Macdonald (Lab), he of the stickie-oot bum and the stickie-up heid, had at go at the Nats about carbon capture. Eck said he was surprised by this “because the framework we put forward for carbon capture in Scotland was identical to the framework put forward by the Secretary of the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The name of that Secretary was Ed Miliband.” Whoops!
Hardman Kenny Gibson (SNP) castigated the “hollowness and blatant opportunism” of Labour’s position, while Tory man-about-town (well, I saw him in the Ocean Terminal shopping centre last weekend) Gavin Brown claimed that a highly respected expert called Rupert Soames – surprisingly not from the Gorbals, but from Eton and Oxford – had ripped apart the Nats’ energy policy last week.
Alas, Eck had the speech before him and noted that it was actually all about UK energy policy, except the penultimate paragraph which, even then, only referred to Scotland, according to Eck, “because we have to pay account, as it says, to what is happening in England and Wales”.
Mr McSoames had apparently said you couldn’t generate more than 10 per cent of your energy from wind. Eck: “We already do in Scotland.” O’Soames had also referred to the retiral of oil-fired power-generators. Eck: “We don’t have any in Scotland.”
Ach well. Nice try, Gavin. It was good to hear him and decent MSPs of all parties. At FMQs, they’re essentially just there to make up the numbers, but they’re the cannon-fodder of democracy and, as such, if I might make an uncharacteristically cheap joke, they should all be fired.


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As buffoons go the word must have been invented for this odious little twerp. He has a face that I would never tire of slapping.

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