Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Irelands economy.

The campaign to talk down Ireland is similar to what Scotland experiences each day at the hands of London. However it seems that the political elite now wish Ireland to subjugate themselves even further to the great EU machine in order that they may never again toy with the idea of independence from the EU. Rupert Van Pimpledick, the Belgian dwarf whose rise to the most powerful position in Europe shocked us all, has announced that if Ireland refuse to bend the knee, it is all over.

This particular warrior says “good bloody riddance,” we are over governed and there are far too many snouts in the trough sooking up my tax. I can understand the need for NATO, but the EU itself is there primarily for French farmers, German industrialists and Belgian administrators. Time to bring the edifice down it has become riddled with greed and corruption, a reflection of London. Scotland does indeed deserve much better and we can deliver it through Edinburgh.

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