Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Today I watched the Tax debate from Holyrood on the Parliament TV channel. BBC did not carry it and the BBC Democracy Live channel was frozen with no output, (I wonder why.)

BBC Reporting Scotland, which I just watched carried John Swinneys expression of regret at his handling of the affair, at the end of that expression of regret the BBC cut to a shot of Alex Salmond shaking his head from side to side with an Ooo expression on his face, so that it looked as if he was actually mocking Swinney.

The head shaking Ooo shot was in fact made by Salmond, after a remark made by Tavish Scott.

The BBC are once more accused by me of dishonesty and manipulation of events to discredit the SNP. Their agenda was never more blatantly, and aggressively displayed than in that one manipulated re edited shot. 

I further accuse the BBC of disseminating lies and propaganda, to the detriment of Scottish licence payers and the SNP.


1. The Scottish Government inherited an SVR system that had already ‘lapsed’
2. HMRC, whose agreement with the previous administration for £50,000 a year had come to an end, demanded millions of pounds in order to make the ‘tartan tax’ available for 2009.
3. The Scottish Government spent the time between 2007 and 2010 attempting to gain solid information as to the cost and efficiency of the IT upgrades required.
4. In 2010 HMRC informed the Scottish Government that they were to pay £7 million in order to have the SVR ready for 2013-14, they had three weeks to pay.
5. The Scottish Government got no response when attempting to clarify what the £7 million was for.


Conan the Librarian™ said...

Nae suprise there then KBW.

tris said...

We pay dearly for them to waste our money on rubbish and pursue their Labour agenda.

Sooner or later we really have to do something about them.

They are an anachronism in a multi-channelled world.

If only the idiot Cameron had the balls to privatize them.

If only that idiot Cameron had balls...!

Key bored warrior. said...

I have now forwarded this to Ofcom and the BBC as a complaint, will keep you up to speed if they reply ;0)

tris said...

Well done there KBW.

Please do keep us up to speed about the outcome, although I bet i could write the answer.

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