Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Listening to Radio Scotland and Kaye Adams, who is the daughter of Duncan Adams the Haulage contractor, coaching people and encouraging anti SNP comments on the bad weather. She is making a fool of herself shouting at John Swinney, with bizarre statements like "are you comfortable with Scotland being the laughing stock of the world in this weather."
OK so Poland and the rest of the continent have had no problems. A quick Google shows that is not true.
However, what has incensed me is the ignorance and selfish comments being made by some drivers about the situation, for example. One man was on moaning how he left his house on a journey that should have taken 1 hour, which took him 9 hours. He left his house at 12 midday, which was when the snow had been falling heavily for several hours. What was galling was that he said he had a 10-month-old baby and his toddler daughter in the car. He then went on to take even more of my breath away by saying that he was lucky as he stopped at a shop and got the last of their baby food. Dear God what an arse hole. As far as I am concerned, he is guilty of neglect and putting his children in harms way for no good reason. I honestly think that he made this story up to get on the radio to have a moan at the Government. Knowing the BBC and its shocking record on this I would not be surprised.
Stewart Stevenson did the Government no favours with his blundering arrogant statements on Newsnicht blame blame blame. He made an incredible blunder by saying that this weather was not forecast. BOLLOCKS. Get a grip Stevenson you have become the liability that the SNP does not need.
Stevenson listen up. There is not enough equipment to deal with bad weather in Scotland, not enough manpower is diverted to snow clearing. Far to many managers sitting behind their VDUs managing by remote control, and heading home at 4 o’clock. If I can know that the snow is on its way, then they can also. STOP THE BLAME GAME.

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Warm and sunny here.

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