Wednesday, 1 December 2010


My thoughts on Newsnicht are unprintable. Surely on such a momentous occasion AS YESTERDAY WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR SCOTLAND, it justified a programme from Edinburgh with the party leaders on a live programme. Credit is due to Brewer who did make an attempt at getting the un answered questions aired. But Mundell and the rest of them just regurgitated the same old boak inducing guff that Moore has sent out. Listening to Mcneil agreeing with a Tory has surely confirmed Labours credentials. Treacherous. They will and can do nothing to protect Scotland from this divisive bill. The holes in Calman are obvious for even a primary school child; I just pray that the SNP get a strong vote in May to exploit them to the full, this is the end game.

But back to Newsnicht. The programme format is now, in order to deflect claims of bias, that you get the SNP point of view on at the beginning as a recorded package and then you have the two or three opposition points of view on the live piece and give them their heads with no prospect of reply. There is effectively no SNP voice. The opposition however, will have been able to review the SNPs recorded piece and build their points on that. Biased, bungling, amateur, propaganda.

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