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Recently we have seen in this country someone saying that “cloned” beef is harmless. How do they know?

Monsanto and a few other companies are still pushing ahead with the other side of this Frankenstein industry in their Genetically Modified foods industry, which stands to make the billions. You and I are not factored in to their thinking. However thank God some people are on their tail.

Recently a good friend succumbed to cancer and it was during this time and in conversation with others that I realised how widespread this disease is, how complex it is, and how almost every one alive will know someone who dies from it. Apparently one in three deaths are now from cancer in some form.


“ The Idiot Cycle” film was made by UCLA undergrad and film school alum, Emmanuelle Schick Garcia. It is a serious film about cancer and how chemical companies not only profit from making the chemicals that cause cancer, but also profit from selling the drugs that treat cancer.

These same companies are now developing genetically modified crops, which have never been tested for long term health impacts like cancer. Along with the development of these non-natural food products, has been the creation of an infrastructure to support and supplement their efforts to literally modify the patterns of nature.

As our writer April Scott noted in her article, Feeding the Hungry or Population Control?

Russian scientists are not the only ones that have warned of noted health effects caused by genetically modified foods. Let us not forget that the scientists that were fired after they discovered serious health effects in animals after feeding them GM food products.

Believing in the potential of GM foods, UC Berkeley’s Ignacio Chapela and Arpad Pusztai, a plant genetic modification expert from Scotland Rowett Research Institute, were commissioned to conduct the first independent study on animals fed GM foods.

Studies showed stunted growth, impaired immune systems, bleeding stomachs, abnormal and potentially pre-cancerous cell growth in the intestines, impaired blood cell development, misshaped cell structures in the liver, pancreas and testicles, altered gene expression and cell metabolism, liver and kidney lesions, partially atrophied livers, inflamed kidneys, less developed organs, reduced digestive enzymes, higher blood sugar, inflamed lung tissue, increased death rates and higher offspring mortality as well.

The film focuses on six major companies: Dow Chemical, Bayer, BASF, Monsanto, Dupont, and Astrazeneca. It was filmed in eight countries, including the U.S.

The Idiot Cycle just won the “Green Report” award and it played to a sold-out audience during France’s biggest anti-GMO trial in October. It has been screened at the biggest documentary festivals in the world to packed theatres. Just some of the highlights include:
  • RIDM in Montreal and IDFA in Amsterdam
  • the Slow Food movement premiered the film in Italy
  • Verve Girl (Toronto) has compared it to Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”
  • Global TV called it a “must see” documentary
  •  major universities from University of Oxford to Université de Toulouse have screened the film, a few universities have even had multiple screenings
  • the United Nation’s IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) is organizing a special screening for their staff.
The buzz surrounding this film has been completely by word-of-mouth, since the film was made without a distributor or TV support. After its European premiere in Amsterdam it was signed to a French TV distributor. European TV dates start early 2011.

The revelations are shocking; a former Monsanto attorney who as a judge, consistently hears cases involving Monsanto, exclusively ruling in their favor in spite of what could only be called highly corroborated scientific evidence, to the contrary.

The clips that are included with this article, in addition to the actual trailer, give you a very good idea of what this movie is about. It is essential, it is mandatory for all people in this world to see. GMO’s are being forced into Africa under the notion that they will help “Feed the World” and it is money grubbing political propaganda at best.

The Idiot Cycle exposes the minimal amount of testing that has taken place and reveals how even in the long run, the most extended periods available to gauge are only four years. The onset of cancer is frequently fifteen to twenty years down the road for victims.

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