Friday, 17 December 2010



 Just watched this performance from Kenny Gibson on The Daily Politics, well done Kenny, we need so much more of this kind of pugnacious delivery from now to next May as the BBC are becoming more and more rabid by the day. Their latest hobby horse trying to stir up racist hatred and get students out on Scotland’s streets is a downright disgrace. They are now, along with the Times and the rest of the unionist bugles telling lies. 

Andrew Neil tried to put the boot into Kenny but got it shoved down his fat throat. I have never seen a more ridiculous looking head of hair on a man as Neil aka Brillo has, if it is hair? How can anyone keep a straight face talking to a vain fat baldy git like that, with welded on hair?

The Tory Toff Bone backed down on his lying claims that Scotland is subsidised when fronted up by Kenny. 

The posh bitch whose name I do not intend to remember was skewered and trussed like a Turkey, when she came over all patronising about being “pelted with Haggis in the streets of Biggar.” I really hope she is pelted with hot dog shite in a sweaty sock. 

To be fair to Brillo he did say at the end of that section that Londoners live on caricatures, when it comes to Scots.

Thanks a million Kenny Gibson.



Anonymous said...

Stupid partronising cow and the ignorant Tory MP beqten sensless by an SNP MSP.

Mind you, to be fair to brillo, he did say what a load of nionsence to the old woman with the died blond hair who kept on saying "you knew".

Oh, and what is it with idiot Clegg? Always telling us about 'fairness'... It seems to have taken over from "all in this together" and it's every bit as much shite.

Conan the Librarian™ said...

Thanks for the link KBW.

They wonder why we want independence...

Key bored warrior. said...

Thanks Guys a great perfomance from Kenny. Neils Brillo pad was visibly moving.

Scot Independent.


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