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The first 40 minutes of Question Time last night was devoted to the student protests in London. This is a blatant disregard for the “Dimbleby Rules” set in Glasgow, Scotland when the Programme last aired there, on the 28th of October.

He repeatedly, condescendingly and wrongly told Nicola Sturgeon that she was only to raise matters that apply to the UK, and not specifically Scotland. In particular of course, Scottish Independence. The Elephant in the BBCs room which they ignore at their peril.

Student fees and education is a devolved matter and therefore last nights programme was applicable to England only.

The hypocrisy and blatant anti Scottish discrimination of the state broadcaster is patronising, discriminatory, and vile utterly totally vile.

David Dimbleby and the BBC owe Scotland and Nicola Sturgeon an apology.

I have watched every Question Time since October specifically to monitor the content in terms of the new “Dimbleby Rules.” Every one since has had at least the first half hour dedicated to English only subjects.


Anonymous said...

Great post. You are absolutely right. The BBC's national stations have an English bias that by and large ignores Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Sometimes they mention that the particular subject to which they refer is for England only; sometimes they don't.

They talk about Justice Ministers when the mean English Justice Ministers; the talk about Education Minister when they mean English Education Ministers, etc.

I do not know how you could watch this programme, even as an exercise. The appalling Dumbleby is so far up his own backside he makes it an impossibility for me to watch any more than 5 minutes of him.

Get rid of these useless brothers and bring in some talent. Sue McGregor would be a brilliant chairman for this programme.

Key bored warrior. said...

Thanks tris. I have e-mailed the BBC Trust and complained about the specific proramme but nothing will be forthcoming as they have become really arrogant and blatant as they know that no organisation wil take the side of an SNP supporter not even the courts.

Scot Independent.


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